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Unusual decor with simple and inexpensive ideas.

Transform your room with this simple and inexpensive idea! Make cushion covers in the form of small felt scallops. Such work does not require experience, and it will take very little time. The idea can also be used to create larger objects, such as a rug or bedspread.

For these covers will need the following materials:

  • The simplest pillowcase, which will serve as the basis of the cover (can be sewn from any fabric, including lining);
  • Pieces of colored felt or other thick fabric. If you want a case with a gradient, choose a smooth color transition.
  • Pencil or chalk for marking.
  • Paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue gun or glue for textiles.

The whole case will consist of felt circles of the same size. Start by building a pattern on paper. You can do without a compass and simply circle the bottom of a suitable-sized jar.

Now use this circle as a template, applying it to the fabric and carving out the necessary details. If you have sharp enough scissors at your disposal, you can save time and cut several circles at a time. To do this, simply fold the felt into several layers and attach the paper from above.

Apply a little glue to the top edge of the pillowcase and gently attach the felt circles in such a way that a smooth line is obtained. In order to make the next layer, apply glue to the middle of the first row of circles. Then apply a new layer, so that it half closes the previous one. And so on until the whole pillowcase is covered with felt.

The same operation is repeated on the other side of the cover. It remains only to seal the side edges with glue droplets (you can skip this step), and the cover is ready. Try to make a few pillows with circles of different colors and sizes!


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