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Upholstered furniture for waiting areas - selection criteria

In the category of public places include rooms that regularly receive a large number of visitors - reception clinics, offices and administrative buildings, foyers of cinemas and exhibition centers, hotel halls, sports clubs and beauty studios. Waiting areas, equipped with comfortable upholstered furniture, help demonstrate the care of guests.

Waiting areas are characterized by increased load on the furniture. Guests have a different weight, often located on the seats with bags and in outerwear. Therefore, the requirements for performance of upholstered furniture are much higher than for similar elements of a home interior. • Reliability Special attention should be paid to the strength of the frame. The strongest materials are natural wood, metal, high-quality moisture-resistant plywood. Stationary structures are chosen for waiting rooms, without transformation mechanisms and built-in storage systems. An important aspect is the refractoriness of materials,allowing to minimize the risk of fire. • Wear resistance The choice of fillers is carried out depending on the status of the enterprise. The budget option is foam rubber, which has low cost, shows good resistance to moisture, detergents, temperature changes, but quickly loses its shape with intense mechanical stress. Polyurethane foam is considered more practical and durable. It is comfortable, durable, produced in various thickness and elasticity variations. An important factor in preserving the outer gloss is the wear resistance of the upholstery. Eco-leather and modern synthetic materials show a decent level of performance. To facilitate care and extend the life of the service, additional treatment with special compounds (impregnation or spraying) helps to repel moisture and dust, resist abrasion and burnout. • Compactness Small mobile sofas, soft chairs and armchairs.Composite (modular or sectional) structures are most convenient, allowing to form comfortable waiting areas from an arbitrary number of places. • Functionality Visitors to beauty salons, hotels or other prestigious objects will appreciate the opportunity to spend time with benefit and pleasure. Sectional furniture, in which the seats are separated by small tables, allows you to comfortably drink coffee, browse through a magazine, use a laptop. • Design The first impression of the status and quality of service of an enterprise depends on the design of reception halls. Comfortable and stylish furniture in the waiting area will cause confidence, will set up visitors to a more productive cooperation.


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