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UPS for gas boilers as a guarantee of system reliability

When you need to organize reliable and uninterrupted functioning of autonomous heating, you need to buy a backup room boiler for boilers in Moscow, which will ensure the stable operation of the system even with significant deviations of the electrical network parameters from the norm and periodic blackouts.

Installing a boiler on natural gas has always been a priority among the population, and at the first opportunity many try to install such a system. First of all, it is connected with a high level of comfort, when you yourself can precisely regulate the temperature in the rooms and start the heating season when it is cold or damp, and not when the statutory time comes for this. In addition, the installation of autonomous gas heating helps save money when it comes to using it in an apartment building without a centralized meter of the consumed heat energy.

However, as in most other engineering solutions, the installation of an autonomous boiler with a pump for the forced circulation of the coolant has its drawbacks. For example, most modern models of gas boilers require the power supply, which is necessary for the operation of automatic heating systems and boiler safety. This implies a number of unpleasant moments, including:

  • Turning off the heating in case of power failure;
  • Malfunctions in case of deviations of the supply voltage values ​​upwards or downwards;
  • Failures in the modes of heating, even with minor pulsed voltage surges;
  • Premature wear of the pump with frequent voltage outages or changes in its operating parameters;
  • Danger of breakage of automatic equipment at excess of voltage above permissible.

Given the relatively high cost of the boiler and pump, as well as the need to solve the problem of providing comfort in the context of short-term power outages, the possibility of autonomous operation of the system should be provided. This requires buying in Moscow a bespereboynik for boilers http://sibcontact.com/eshop/istochniki-bespereboynogo-pitaniya/dly-kotlov/, which will provide not only the possibility of autonomous operation,but also protects equipment from premature wear and failure.

Advantages of installing emergency power for boilers

To ensure reliable operation of autonomous heating equipment and to achieve a comfortable temperature even during a power outage, you should buy and install an inverter emergency power supply unit that will ensure the operation of the boiler and the pump during switching off the light and with significant deviations of voltage from the network.

To arrange such a system, you need a battery and a separate inverter converter with built-in charger. The boiler and the pump are connected to the output of such an inverter and, depending on its type, operate from the mains at normal voltage in it or from the converted and stable voltage from the inverter. When the voltage disappears or significantly deviates from normal, the unit switches to work from the battery before resuming quality power supply.

The device works completely autonomously and turns on even after a long absence of light, which can lead to the discharge of the battery.The cost of such protection is significantly lower than the total cost of the gas boiler and pump. In addition, with sufficient converter power and battery capacity, you can use it when disconnecting electricity to connect another load, such as a desk lamp or a TV.


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