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Urgently need money

Tell me how to do better in this situation? I urgently need money, but nobody can borrow it. There is an option to sell the car, but I do not want to do it, I need it. Who else can I contact in Moscow?
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Answered on September 4 14:03
And what amount are we talking about? When I had a similar situation, I talked at work with my boss, and they gave me an interest-free loan. Then he was kept out of wages for a certain time.
Answered on September 4, 14:13
Try to contact the bank, arrange a credit there, or even better - a credit card. A grace period is established there, and during this time you can return money to the card without interest.
Answered on September 4, 14:20
As for the bank, this is not a bad idea, but they may not approve the issuance of a loan without any particular reason. You do not need to sell a car, try to get money on the security of a vehicle passport. Here, for example, I found an auto pawnshop that grants a loan for PTS. Find out their conditions, maybe they will suit you.
Answered on September 10 19:44
Try to contact the bank.

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