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Volumetric scarf with accordion pattern

The scarf is connected with a very simple knitting pattern and resembles a harmonica. It turns out so voluminous. The scarf can be wound around the neck or tied up with a Milanese knot, or you can make a scarf.

Description of knitting an accordion scarf:

Knitting needles №4,5 gain 48 pet. and knit:

1,2,3-rd series: knit faces. loops.

2,4,6th rows: knit worn. loops.

Jump on the needles number 3.5.

7th order: (2 petals to knit together face) - repeat to the end of the order = 24 petals.

From 8 to 12 ranges: all loops knit face.

Jump on the needles 3.5 mm.

13 steps: from each loop to tie 2 persons. (bind the back and front wall) = 48 hinges.

Repeat from 2 to 13 in order to complete the length of the scarf. Looped close.


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