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Warranty on sofas from Elizabeth de la Vega

Warranty on sofas from Elizabeth de la VegaJust one wrong step and all efforts to create a cozy interior will be in vain. We can not ignore the advice of experts, but we can not forget about the traditions of our ancestors. In the old days, craftsmen used only natural wood for furniture production.

Such furniture served for decades, passed down from generation to generation, and now many exhibits continue to delight us in museums. Unfortunately, in our country a little has departed from traditional materials, and many manufacturers have preferred inexpensive and short-lived materials that allowed them to reduce their costs, reducing the final cost of the finished product. Yes, it helped to reach a greater number of consumers who are already today in search of new furniture.

What should be the sofa?

The sofa is considered one of the main items of any interior, whether it is a living room, study or reception room. We are accepting guests or gathering with friends, we always want to be sure that it will be comfortable and will not spoil a pleasant pastime.At the end of the 90s and even at the beginning of zero, an increasing number of buyers preferred imported furniture to domestic ones. Yes, the sofas of foreign manufacturers with a well-known and well-promoted brand were expensive, but it justified itself with durability and beautiful design. Today the situation has changed. Thanks to the introduction of the newest technologies and the availability of quality tools and equipment, some of the domestic manufacturers remained true to the traditions, and continued to use hard and reliable wood for furniture production.

When choosing a sofa, the buyer needs to pay attention to its characteristics:

- what the frame is made of, what materials were used;

- the quality of the upholstery material (if really high quality raw materials were involved, then you can be confident in durability);

- what fillers the manufacturer uses (the higher the quality, the safer for our health);

- you need to pay attention to the mechanisms (in high-quality furniture, even they can give you a guarantee).

Modern studio for the production of furniture Elizabeth de la Vega specializes in individual approach to the manufacture of furniture.Ordering sofas in the studio, customers receive a five-year quality guarantee. It extends to any damage that in a small degree of probability can occur with proper use of the sofa. The warranty is only on factory marriage! And since it is excluded a priori, the customer can be sure of the durability of the purchased furniture.

Secrets of the Atelier

These are the things that the studio is proud of. After all, they helped him to bring his furniture to such a high level. Each sofa presented in the catalog is the work of professionals with vast experience and high level of qualification. The best designers are involved in the design, the best of the best highly specialized specialists are employed in the production. The workshops have the latest high-precision equipment, and fabrics and leather are processed on the best sewing machines.

All the sofas in the range of the studio - is the author's design. Each line has a high level of professionalism and the highest quality.

Everyone knows that the basis of any sofa is a frame. In order to give a guarantee, the manufacturer uses the most durable wood species - beech.For upholstery selected the best grades of leather. For the production of leather sofas is taken the face of the highest class A. bull leather. Everything is processed on the company's European equipment.


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