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Weather in Sochi for April 2017 - daily accurate forecast from the weather center. What will be the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort at the beginning and end of April

PSA-001Spring-like warm, optimistic and rich in precipitation - this is what the weather will be like in Sochi in April 2017, according to a preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center. Weather forecasters draw the attention of tourists to the fact that the beginning of the month will still scare vacationers on cool days and even subzero temperatures at night. But the middle and the end of April will compensate for these moments and will reward guests and residents of the resort with an average daily temperature of + 15 ... 18 ° C, variable cloudiness and almost completely windless days. True, swim in the sea will not succeed.The water will warm up to + 10 ° C in the first half of the month and only at the very end of April this figure will increase by 3-4 ° C. But then, those who like swimming will be happy to take in the comfortable indoor pools, which offer their services all year round.

Weather forecast for Sochi in April 2017 from the weather center - accurate and detailed forecast for each day

A preliminary forecast of the Russian weather center for every day reports that the weather in Sochi in April 2017 will be moderately warm, changeable and rich in precipitation. The beginning of the month will be slightly colder and wetter than usual, but from the 15th, the situation will change for the better, and the spring will clearly and categorically loudly declare their rights.

Daily weather forecast for April 2017 in Sochi


The first April week in 2017 will be remembered by the rather cool, cloudy and rain-rich weather. On the first day, the air will warm up to + 11 ° C in the daytime, and at night the thermometer will slide to the mark of + 6 ° C. In the next two days, the temperature will drop to + 6 ... 8 ° C in the morning and around + 4 ° C in the evening. Downpour will go daily up to the 4th, and from April 5th a cold Arctic cyclone will arrive in the city.The sky will be overcast, a fine, drizzling rain will smoothly turn into sleet and even a little dust on the streets and lawns. The average daytime temperature will not exceed + 6 ° C, and at night it will become very cold and the thermometers will record almost winter indicators (-1 ... 2 ° C).

From the 8th onwards, the weather will become warmer and the cold Arctic front will give way to a more loyal Mediterranean. At first, the air will warm up to + 12 ° C, and on April 9 a full-fledged southern spring will begin in the city. From 10 to 12 in the daytime it will be + 13 ... 17 ° C and even at night the mercury column will not fall below + 10 ° C. All three days in the afternoon, there will be a small intermittent rain, but this phenomenon will not greatly reduce the temperature. On 13 and 14, dry, clear, optimistic and warm weather will be established in Sochi. The sun, finally, will break through the blockade of clouds, dry the streets and warm the air to + 15 ... 18 ° C. At night it will get a little colder and the mercury column will drop to the mark of + 10 ... 12 ° C. On April 15 and 16, the warming trend will continue, but the humidity will increase slightly and heavy rains will again pass.

The following days (from April 17 to April 21) will be warm, cloudy and dry. The air temperature will be + 13 ... 18 ° C in the morning and about + 7 ... 11 ° C in the dark.Overcast will last for all five days, but precipitation will not fall. From the 22nd it will sharply become colder (to + 10 ... 12 ° C) and to 25 this meteorological situation will continue. Together with it, the city will cover abundant spring rains, which will stop only on the 26th. From April 27, it will begin to warm up intensively and by the end of the month the average daily temperature will not fall below + 17 ... 18 ° C. On the 30th, the resort will once again be dominated by high humidity and heavy rain will once again wash the resort’s streets, as if preparing them for the opening of the official holiday season and the arrival of the gentle and warm May.

Weather in Sochi in April 2017 - the water temperature off the coast of the resort


Although the weather in Sochi in April 2017 will be quite spring and quite warm, the water temperature near the coast of the resort will not have time to rise to a comfortable level, which has to swim. At the beginning of the month, the Black Sea would barely warm to + 10 ° C, and by the last decade, this figure will grow by only 3-4 degrees. Tourists who do not imagine a holiday without high swimming activity will have to fill its objective absence to the sea in modern indoor pools, which are equipped with Sochi hotels, rest houses, sanatoriums and SPA-centers.

But those who want to soak up the tender sunshine on the clearest days will be able to get out to the city beaches and substitute the bodies frozen over the winter to the delicate spring ultraviolet. The advantage of such solar procedures is that the tan goes very evenly, almost does not dry out the skin and creates a beautiful, elegant shade.

Weather forecast for Sochi in April - what kind of weather situation will be at the beginning and end of the month


As weather forecasters say, the weather in April in Sochi will meet the average standards and global surprises for guests and residents of the resort will not bring. The beginning of the month will be remembered by moderately warm days (no more than + 10 ° C at lunchtime and + 5 ... 7 ° C in the evenings), regular heavy showers and dense fogs, exacerbating the sensation of dampness and coldness in the morning. More dry days will fall in the middle and end of the month. At the same time, the overall air temperature will also increase. Average daily figures will be + 13 ... 18 ° C, and at night the mercury column will not fall below + 10 ° C. Tourists planning their holidays in April will need to carefully collect the suitcase, and along with a t-shirt, cap and sunscreen, be sure to put jeans there,waterproof shoes and tight windbreaker. With such baggage, not a single “trick” of spring Sochi weather will take you by surprise.


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