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Weather in Sochi in November 2017 and the water temperature near the resort - weather forecast for every day

1SPN-002The forecast made by the employees of the weather center says that the weather in Sochi in November 2017 will please with clear, sunny days, with an average daily temperature of + 8 ... 12 ° C and moderate precipitation. Most of the rain will fall at the beginning of the month, and at the end almost all the time the sky will remain clear and cloudless. The water in the sea will cool to + 14 ... 15 ° C and the beach procedures will have to be forgotten until the next summer season. But walking around the city and enjoying the local beauty will be nice and comfortable.

Weather forecast in Sochi at the beginning and end of November 2017 - what the weather forecasters promise

A preliminary weather forecast in Sochi for November 2017, made by employees of the Russian meteorological center, says that the last autumn month at the resort will do without cataclysms. Both at the beginning and at the end of the month there will be many clear, sunny and moderately cool days.Precipitation will be evenly distributed and will not affect the weather situation too much. Freezing temperatures can be fixed only at night and only twice. This will happen closer to the end of the first decade of the month and will not happen again until the beginning of December. The wind clears only on the 20th of November and will have time to pluck all the remaining leaves from the trees, thus preparing the city for the onset of the next winter.

What is the expected weather in Sochi in November 2017 - a daily detailed forecast from the weather center

The most accurate forecast of the weather center for every day reports that the weather in Sochi in November 2017 is expected to be traditional for this period of time. The average daily air temperature will be + 8 ... 12 ° C in the morning, and at night the thermometer will drop to + 2 ... 5 ° C.


On some days, the city will be quite warm (up to + 16 ... 18 ° C), and sometimes a mercury column will descend to the mark of + 1 ... 3 ° C under the influence of atmospheric fronts. Already at the end of the first decade of the month, thermometers will fix light frosts (-1 ... 2 ° C), but this cooling will only occur at night and will not stay long.

The volume of the expected precipitation will not exceed the average rates typical for the last month of autumn on the Black Sea coast.The number of clear sunny days will please both residents and guests of the city, and the arrival of December will be met by a temperature of + 12 ° C, rain and gusty winds, tearing the last leaves of trees in anticipation of a rapidly approaching winter.

Weather in Sochi in November 2017 for every day - a preliminary forecast of weather forecasters

November 2017 in Sochi will begin quite nice and optimistic. On the first day, the air will warm up to + 15 ... 17 ° C and this trend will continue in the next two days. By evening, the thermometer will slide to the indicators of + 10 ... 11 ° C and in order to feel comfortable on late walks, you will need to put on a windproof twist and take with you a hat.

On November 4, the air temperature will drop to + 12 ° C in the morning, and at night the thermometers will fix only + 8 ° C. The started rain will stop only by the next noon, but the sky for the next decade will remain overcast, gray and inhospitable.

November 7 will be cold up to + 3 ° C, and at night the first frosts of this month will occur (-1 ... 2 ° C). But the Sochi residents and guests of the resort will not suffer from the cold for a long time. Already from the 8th the mercury column will surely go upwards and by the 10th it will reach + 8 ... 10 ° C.Together with the warming, heavy rains will come to the city and it will be very unwise to go out without an umbrella and waterproof shoes.

Since November 12, the temperature stabilizes and the sky clears. A timid autumn sun looks out from behind the clouds and warms the air to + 7 ... 9 ° C. Up to 16 will be warm, cloudless and clear, and from 17 the resort will cover a cyclone. Together with him in the city will rain and gusty wind, but it will not get colder. On the contrary, the temperature will start to rise and by November 21 it will reach + 12 ° C. 22 will become colder a little and the rain that breaks loose will go into sleet for a while. But on the roads the snowflakes will not remain and will melt almost instantly, turning into numerous puddles.


On November 23, the thermometers will show + 3 ... 4 ° C in the daytime, and at night they will drop to + 1 ° C. From the 24th day, it will begin to warm up actively and just perfect weather will prevail in Sochi. It will last until the 29th, and 30 on the city will be poured heavy rain and will wash away the last traces of autumn before the onset of the inevitable cold season.

Weather in Sochi in November 2017 - what will be the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort


Weather forecasters suggest that the weather in Sochi in November 2017 will be pretty cool.This will affect the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort. Most likely, it will drop to + 14 ... 15 ° C and the sea for almost all visitors will be almost inaccessible for swimming. Tourists, who visited the city in the last autumn month, would prefer to postpone visiting the beaches until next summer, and go for a swim in the indoor swimming pools with heated sea water, which are available for the majority of hotels, hotel complexes and boarding houses. There you will be able to combine health procedures with traditional aqua-entertainment and return home not only rested, but also filled with vitality and energy.


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