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Wedding Hall Decoration - DIY Beauty

The wedding ceremony usually takes place in the registry office, sometimes young people order an on-site registration, but wherever your wedding takes place, the celebration always moves to the banquet hall. Often young people seek help in decorating the wedding hall to the restaurant workers, but if you have a great desire to create happiness with your own hands, then our ideas will help you decorate the wedding hall quickly and beautifully.

So, let's start decorating the banquet hall with our own hands.


Registration of the wedding hall in the flowers

Fresh flowers are the decoration of any holiday. If you wish, you can also buy artificial flowers, but they do not look as festive as live ones. But real vegetation also quickly loses its appearance, so it is worthwhile to dwell on large flowers, which can hold out in a crowded room for at least a day.

Making the wedding room with flowers should not cause you any difficulties.The main thing is that they do not have too much, otherwise the restaurant will turn into a jungle.

Here are some simple ideas on how to use flowers in the design of the hall for the wedding.

Narrow tall vases with medium-sized buds will be a great element of decor on the tables. Chip holidays can be a wedding cake with the same colors of mastic. It should be remembered that high vases are less stable, so choose a vessel with the correct leg.


Small wide vases, the flowers in which will be in harmony with the decorations on the chairs (how to decorate wedding chairs, read in our thematic article) will also be an excellent option.


Pay attention also to the size of the bouquets - they should not overlap guests to view, interfere with the serving of dishes and stand in places where they can easily be tipped over. The best option is to arrange the flowers in the center of the table.


In addition to the tables, bunches of flowers can be attached to curtains and chairs.

Instead of vases, today it is fashionable to use a base of beautifully trimmed lawn - in such lively pots, flowers at a wedding look even more luxurious. In addition, some unexpected piece of furniture might come up as a vase, for example, such a bicycle figure.


An alternative to colors for decorating the hall for a wedding can be these cute trees.


In general, when decorating a wedding hall with flowers, one should pay attention to how the wedding arch and the style of the banquet room are combined.

Decoration of the wedding hall balls

Balloons will also become a stylish element of the interior at a wedding, be it colored balls of different sizes or plain hearts of air. Your fantasy will tell you what colors look great in an ensemble with decorations on the tables.


The most common shapes of balloons at a wedding are, of course, the heart and rings. The main symbols of love create a special atmosphere in the restaurant. No less popular are the swans from the balls - they always accompany the young on this important day.


Balloons are better not to use in the design of tables for guests, because they are too bulky and will interfere. But the path for the young or arch of balloons looks very original.


Chandeliers decorated with balloons also look amazing. Add curly ribbons to the composition - and your ceiling will turn into a luminous sky with many stars.


Balloons for the wedding hall can be real flowers in the vases, for example, here are such pretty decorative elements.


Very cute balls look attached one by one to the chairs of the guests, floor vases or being scattered across the floor.


Experiment with the proposed ideas - and your banquet hall will look unrivaled!

Decoration of a wedding hall with a cloth

The main advantage of fabrics is the ability to transform almost any room beyond recognition, and this is very important on a wedding day.

Beautiful fabric forms the impression of wealth and creates comfort.


Many newlyweds believe that the decoration of the banquet hall with a cloth is somewhat old-fashioned. But today, wedding salons offer luxurious silk, delicate satin, a lot of transparent fabrics that can decorate windows, tables and chairs.

With the help of fabrics, you can create a romantic atmosphere, give the room fabulousness - in a word, form a good background for the rest of the interior.


Most often, the predominant color of fabrics at a wedding is white, but we recommend that you experiment with combinations of shades and combine classic black and white jewelry with color. It always looks very impressive.


Decorate windows with fabrics, drape chairs, cover tables, sew napkins for guests on fabric - a manifestation of fantasy is always welcomed on a personal holiday. The main rule is that there should not be too many decorations and colors should be in harmony.

Have a nice holiday and eternal love!


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