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What holiday is September 11th?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
February 13, 2013
What holiday is September 11th?

11 September. It seems to be an ordinary day of the year, but it is also a holiday for some people in Russia and in other countries.

On this day, all Orthodox believers celebrate the day of the passing away of the Beheading of the Prophet John the Baptist. Be sure to comply with strict fasting.

September 11th is one of the Days of Military Glory in Russia. In 1790, on this day, the Russian squadron of Theodore Ushakova defeated Turkish troops at Cape Tendra on the Black Sea. It was after this fierce battle that Ushakov was called the “sea Suvorov”.

Perhaps the funniest holiday on this day is celebrated by lovers of the Soviet cut glass. In 1943, on September 11, in Gus-Crystal, the first sample of this already legendary cookware was released.

The inhabitants of Ethiopia, who still use the Julian calendar, celebrate September 11, the new year - Enkutatas. And in Argentina, all educators are honored, because on September 11, Teacher's Day is celebrated there.

What a holiday on September 11 to celebrate - choose to your taste!


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