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What are biomagnets for weight loss?

Overweight for many is an urgent problem, so that there are more and more ways to get rid of extra pounds. And some of them seem so simple that they can not help attracting. One of these methods is the use of biomagnets. And what is it? And are they really so effective?

What are biomagnets?

What it is? Biomagnets are magnetic products made from a special material that has its own field. Manufacturers do not report exactly which materials are used in production. But they promise stunning results.

How it works?

How do biomagnets for weight loss work? The principle of operation of these products is based on the impact on certain acupuncture points. These areas are responsible for the work of areas of the brain that ensure the production of hormones. And such hormones significantly speed up metabolism and stimulate active fat burning.

In addition, this effect is complemented by a magnetic field,which also allows you to activate and improve the brain and tune it to a program of active weight loss. This is what manufacturers say.

And what really? Yes, acupuncture points do exist, but, first, most of them are not fully understood and thoroughly. Secondly, only professionals in their field can have a correct, effective and safe impact on such sites, and there are few of them in fact. And, thirdly, the auricles are literally strewn with active points located so close that it is very easy to make mistakes and accidentally press the wrong points. As for the magnetic field, its positive effect has not yet been proved either.

How to use?

Using biomagnets is very simple. It is enough to fix them on both sides in the upper part of the auricle (the exact place is indicated on the package) in the morning, and after 6-8 hours to remove it. You should not put the device on at night, because at this time of day the brain is inactive, and there will be no impact on it. But even if you accidentally forget to remove the magnet, nothing terrible will happen to you.

The duration of one full course of treatment is 25 days.But if you are unhappy with the result, then it is quite possible to repeat it, it is harmless.


The results, according to the manufacturers, are staggering. For a month, you can get rid of 10 kilograms of excess weight (on average a week goes from 1 to 3 kg), as well as tighten the body and make cellulite less visible. All this is achieved through active fat burning, accelerating metabolism and reducing appetite.

And you can also improve the work of the digestive tract and feel a surge of energy. This effect is confirmed by numerous positive and sometimes even enthusiastic reviews left on the official website and on women's forums.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of biomagnets:

  • Using them is very simple. It is enough to fix the sutra device and remove it before going to bed. No difficulty and effort.
  • You do not have to follow strict diets or exhaust yourself training. You can lead a normal life, and even include in your diet absolutely any products.
  • Biomagnets are invisible on the body, since their diameter is only 7 millimeters. Weight does not exceed 1 g.
  • Relatively low price.
  • Wearing biomagnets conveniently.They are well fixed and do not fall throughout the day.
  • The possibility of prolonged use. One pair can be purchased once and for a lifetime, since biomagnets do not wear out, their effect does not weaken over time.
  • Security. Producers argue that the products are absolutely safe, and for all population groups. They can be worn at any age and in the presence of any disease.


  • Unproven Effect. Surely you will not find any real feedback specialist. Scientists are skeptical of this method of exposure, it does not have evidence.
  • Some contraindications still exist. And in order to protect oneself from undesirable consequences, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting an application.
  • Such devices are not sold in pharmacies and public stores. You can buy them only through the Internet, which is associated with certain risks. For example, you can be deceived. Also there is a possibility of receiving a product of poor quality or even forgery.

Can everyone use them?

Contraindications are few, but still they are.Thus, it is not recommended to carry biomagnets to pregnant women, as well as to persons having pacemakers and other built-in electronic devices (under the influence of a magnetic field they can fail).


How much is a biomagnet? A couple of such devices used to influence one point can be bought at a discount for 999 rubles. By the way, if you decide to purchase a biomagnet, then make a purchase better on the official website of the manufacturer.

If you want to try out the effect of biomagnets on yourself, then try to order them. You will probably see the effect.

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