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What are cigarettes made of?

Everyone has long known that cigar is poison. How then to explain the fact that smokers are alive and well? The thing is, a cigarette can't kill you right away. As part of one cigarette does not contain a sufficient amount of toxic substances that could instantly kill you. Thus, suicide smoothly flows from the instant process into a long one. Let's analyze in this article what cigarettes are made of, how they affect the body, and what they are like. Perhaps, having familiarized with this information, you will reconsider your attitude towards smoking and you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The composition of cigarettes from tobacco

Keep in mind that cigarette manufacturers will never write the whole truth on packs, about what substances are contained inside. Did you know that in one cigarette contains about four hundred substances, and some of them are very heavy and toxic.

Here are some of them:

  • ammonia (thanks to this substance, the cigarette does not go out, and nicotine is absorbed into the blood faster).
  • Toluene (It is a solvent that is used in industry).
  • acetic acid (getting into the respiratory tract, destroys mucous membranes and promotes the formation of burns and ulcers).
  • stearic acid (affects all respiratory tract and is part of the soot).
  • nitrobenzene (a very toxic gas that has a negative effect on the circulatory system).
  • nickel, formaldehyde, cadmium, etc.

And this is not the whole list. It contains almost thirty positions that are particularly dangerous to human health. Inside the cigarette there are even poisonous, fighting substances.

Smokers are very mistaken when they think that cigarettes contain only tobacco. This illusion is created by the chemicals with which the impregnated wick. And they create the taste of tobacco. Thanks to the chemicals that “fill” the cigarette packs, manufacturers have reduced production costs by almost a penny.

The composition of the electronic cigarette

Now it has become fashionable to quit smoking conventional cigarettes using electronic. Let's see what electronic cigarettes consist of.

Inside the e-cigarette cartridge, there is a smoking fluid, which includes propylene glycol, food glycerin (concentration approximately 69.4%). Propylene glycol, in the body of the smoker, is converted into lactic acid.It is non-toxic and completely harmless (since lactic acid is not dangerous). The chemical name of this substance is propandiol 1,2 or 1,2 propylene glycol. It is a clear, oily, colorless liquid that has a characteristic odor and a slightly sweetish taste.


You should know that when ingested, propylene glycol is not capable of causing poisoning. Because it is different from other glycols, and non-toxic. In many countries of the world, propylene glycol is part of cosmetic, medicinal, perfumery products, and also found in food.


Propylene glycol is widely used in industrial, food, aviation, chemical, automotive and paintwork areas. It has individual characteristics (lack of toxic agents), and is used in the pharmaceutical as well as in the perfume industry. In the food industry, it is used as a component with the properties of a sweetener and a moisturizer. Thanks to propylene glycol, products have the ability to be stored for a long time and not to lose their moisture.In the food industry, it is known under the name E1520.

Now you know what a cigarette is made of. Consider whether you want all these harmful and dangerous substances to poison your body.


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