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What are the corners?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
11 April 2013
What are the corners?

“The little son came to the father, and Scarce asked:“ What are the angles? ”. But father, I forgot the answer. This is very bad!".

In our article, we propose to recall the lessons of mathematics and find answers to questions from Scarce.

What is angle

What is the angle of course easier to show than to explain. From the primary classes, we know that the flat angle is:

  1. This is a geometric shape.
  2. It is formed by two sides - rays.
  3. Rays come from one vertex - a point.
  4. Measured in degrees.

That is, if we put a dot on any plane and then draw two beams from this point (a ray is a straight line that has a beginning, but has no end), then we get an angle, and not one, but two. This is because the rays divided the plane into two parts. We have formed two corners - internal and external.

Angle designation

The angle in mathematics is indicated by such an icon - “˪” and Greek letters: β, δ, φ. You can also designate corners in small or large Latin letters. Line (d, c, b) denote the rays forming an angle, therefore, the name will consist of two letters and the icon - ˪ab.Large Latin letters denote three points of the angle: two on the sides and one vertex (˪ DEF). Moreover, the letter of the top will always be in the middle of the name, and how to read the DEF or FED, it already does not make a difference.

Types of angles

Depending on the degree (dimensional value), the angles are divided into:

  • Acute (> 90 degrees);
  • Straight lines (exactly 90);
  • Stupid (180);
  • Deployed (equal to 180);
  • Not convex (more than 180, but less than 360);
  • Full (360);

All angles that are not straight or unfolded are called oblique.

Still, what are the angles?

  • Adjacent - one side they have in common, while others lie, not coinciding, on the same plane. The sum of such angles will always be equal to 180.
  • Vertical - angles formed by two intersecting straight lines and they do not have common sides, but their rays come out from one point. That is, the side of one corner is a continuation of the other. Such angles are equal.
  • Central - the angle, the top of which is the center of the circle.
  • Inscribed angle Its vertex is on a circle, and the rays that form it intersect this circle.

Now you know which angle is right, and you can also tell which angle is sharp.


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