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What are the visas?

There is a visa regime between Russia and other countries of the world. A visa is a permit that is necessary to visit a country, regardless of the purpose of the trip. It must be remembered that a visa is necessary not only to visit the country, but also to cross it in transit.

Main types of visas

At first glance, it may seem easy to figure out what visas are: tourist, business and guest. But not everything is so simple, the types of visas are actually somewhat larger, and the list of documents that must be submitted to obtain the desired visa also differs.

Today, visas can be divided into several types: this is a short-term and long-term visa - according to the duration of the trip, as well as multivisa; to destination - tourist, guest, working; visa "on arrival" and a transit visa. It is important to know that each visa has its own code, for example, 001 or 002, as well as a list of required documents.

Short and long term visas

These are visas that vary in length of stay in the country. If a short-term visa gives the right most often to a one-time entry into the country with a predetermined purpose,then the long-term visa allows you to stay in the country within the specified longer period. Short-term visas are mainly tourist, business and transit visas, and long-term visas are student and work visas.

Multivisa (or reusable visa) allows you to visit the country with a certain frequency, an example would be the need to come to one country once a quarter to negotiate with business partners. It is important to know that, having a multivisa, a person cannot be in total in the country, for example, for more than three months during one year.

Visas for work

In order to know which visa to open, it is necessary to decide on the purpose of traveling to the desired country.

  • If you need to go to work, you need to open a work visa. But it is important to know that the documents provided by the mercenary company are necessary for obtaining a work visa. In addition, a foreign company that intends to hire a foreigner must have permission from its authorities. The validity of this type of visa may vary, but it is relatively long.
  • A business visa is issued to a person also on request of the party that invites to itself.The purpose of travel on a business visa can only be a solution or assistance in solving various business issues, but not a job or training in the country of visit. These visas can be single, double or multiple as well as multivisa.
  • Among the visas intended for work abroad, one can also single out a journalistic visa. It is necessary for journalistic work not in all, but in some countries of the world, namely: in Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and the USA (I-visa).

Visa for study

Understanding what visas are, it is necessary to allocate a visa intended for study in another country, or a student visa. In order to obtain a student visa, you must provide not only personal documents and an invitation to study at the university where the person is going to study, but also to present proof that it is possible to pay for this training.

This may be a personal bank account, where there is the amount required for payment, as well as data from the sponsor or the fund that will pay for the training. It is important to know that not all states allow foreign students to work in the country.And if you want to study in Algeria, you will need to apply for a tourist visa, not a student visa.

Visa for leisure travel

Everyone needs to know what visa to do to travel to a country whose purpose is travel and tourism. This visa is called tourist. The duration of stay in the country with such a visa is on average 2-3 weeks, most often it is a one-time entry into the country.

This visa does not entitle a long stay in the country, as well as employment. For short-term work during travel there is a visa for free work, which is most often used by young people for seasonal or short-term work during rest.

Visas for important guests of the country

There is also a diplomatic or official visa, which is issued to holders of diplomatic passports. For special, important guests of the country who do not have a diplomatic status, there is a visa of courtesy, which also requires special and courteous treatment of its owners.

"Love" visa

Need to know what to make a visa in order to get engaged to a citizen of another country on its territory? For this there is a wedding visa.It has its time limits - issued for the period of preparation for the wedding. Next, you must issue a matrimonial visa for the subsequent stay in the country. Also, a matrimonial visa is necessary so that the family of the second half of the citizen of the country can settle there.

Schengen visa

This visa is valid on the territory of 26 countries that have signed a special agreement. With one Schengen visa, you can easily cross the borders of all these countries for tourism and travel.

Other types of visas

  • An immigrant visa is issued once to a person who wishes to leave the country. For the subsequent times, it will be necessary to obtain a certificate of resident, which will allow multiple entries into the desired country.
  • A special category visa is also called an Australian visa. It is issued to future residents of New Zealand upon entry into the country.
  • A transit visa is issued for crossing a country for a short period, on average for three days. In some countries, it is necessary to have a transit visa, even if the plane gets to the airport for refueling, and the passenger does not leave the aircraft.Transit visas can be single or double.

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