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What can be the cause of insomnia in a child?


Perhaps one of the most popular reasons because of which the child does not want to sleep is too much energy overload. It is possible that the child does not have time to spend all the daily energy before the time when it is time to go to bed. By evening, the child still wants to make noise, jump, run and jump around the apartment. It would be great if the child will walk every day for at least several hours. In the fresh air, he will actively move and play with other children. But you should never make gifts to the child in the evening, because in the evening the child will be interested in the gift and will not want to go to bed without playing enough.

Failure of the day regimen

If the parents do not stack the child at the same time, then they may not be surprised that the child does not want to go to bed. The daily regimen is vital for the child, so it is necessary to put him to bed always at the same time.Soon, after some time, the child himself will learn to go to bed at a certain time. But you should not make child indulgences and put off the laying time, because where there is one indulgence for the child, there will be the second, the third and one hundred and twenty-third.

Lack of parental attention

If parents disappear all day at work, and in the evening they do things, then in such families it will be extremely difficult to quickly put the child to bed too. The fact is that the child also needs the attention of parents. It is important to find time to play with the child, and play the most peaceful games, read a book or just talk.


If a child is afraid, do not scream or scold him. Also, it is not necessary to say that he is a dreamer, because monsters living under the bed are a very serious problem. In order to get rid of her, you need to protect the child from horror stories, family quarrels and scandals.


Before bedtime you can not eat anything sweet, because sugar quickly and very powerfully activates the nervous system. It is best to give warm milk with a spoon or two spoons of honey to soothe the child.


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