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What kind of car to buy for 250000?

Have you saved money for a long time or are you going to take a loan to buy a car, but you can only count on 250 thousand rubles? And now you ask yourself what kind of car to buy for 250000? Is it possible?

For this money you can buy a car, either new or with a mileage. For such an amount you can buy quite a decent car with good functionality and safety. At the same time, many cars are sold with low mileage for the reason that the warranty period ends and all minor repairs have to be done at their own expense, wasting time. The second reason for selling cars with low mileage - an accident. The owner may try to hide this fact, but this is all verified with the help of specialized services. So, what is the diversity of the automotive market? First, consider a new car.

Chery Amulet

When there is a need to buy a car for 250000, many people immediately remember about the car of this brand. However, this option is chosen by those people who are looking for a cheap car from a foreign manufacturer and know little about this company.Chery Amulet - car of Chinese origin. As you know, all Chinese is inexpensive, but poor quality.

It is also applicable to cars, since Amulet breaks more often than domestic Zhiguli. Replacing worn parts with new ones, which, by the way, will have to wait for several months, the situation will not improve - they will also break often, because the parts are new, but again from China. This car is not recommended to recommend, since it will be more problems than good.

Daewoo matiz

For some time now, this car is called the Chevrolet Matiz. By production - Uzbek. After passing crash tests, acquired high levels of strength and reliability. In addition, the car is quite economical. Engine three or four cylinder. The only negative - dimensions. But thanks to this, it is more economical and, given the current road conditions, small sizes can be very useful. With the passage of timely maintenance, Matiz will not let you down. Parts are quite inexpensive and affordable.

Daewoo nexia

The option is also quite good. The car is quite reliable, the engine rarely fails. Sometimes there are problems with the chassis. Body type - sedan.Equipped with two types of equipment (GL and GLE). Installation of the conditioner and the power steering is possible. In its dimensions exceeds our "top ten". However, having learned to drive such a car, it will be much easier to transfer to a smaller one than vice versa. You can also think about domestic cars. For example. VAZ 21054 or 21074. The most new models are more expensive.

Used car

As we already mentioned, many cars with mileage are sold due to the expiration of the warranty period, which is usually 3 years. In this case, the mileage is usually from 30 to 40 thousand km, if the car was not used in a taxi. The choice is significantly increased, and even such reputable cars as the Chevrolet - Lanos appear. Before buying a car with mileage, you should always check it in the service, in order to search for "pitfalls" - the fact that the owners always try to carefully hide. So, you can buy a car for 250000 both new and used. The choice is yours.


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