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What country is called "Rabbit Shore" and why?

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Alina Yegizaryants
Alina Yegizaryants
Answered on December 10, 2014 16:24
This is the name of Spain, and historians call it a few reasons: for example, according to one of the versions, this is the Phoenician "i-spanie" - "the land of rabbits". They say, having arrived there by sea, the Phoenician merchants were surprised at the number of these furry animals and named this territory. According to another theory of Spain. so called the Greeks, who paid attention to the shape of the coast, which is a kind of triangle. Therefore, in the Greek manner, the land was called "span", which means in Greek "wedge". It is difficult to say now which of these names gave the name of the country, because there were a lot of rabbits there in due time, and a wedge formed by land also has a place to be.

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