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What do the names of the boys mean?

In the old days, the child’s name was usually given on the 8th day after his birth or on the 40th, when he was baptized. It was customary to name the child in honor of that saint, whose memory day falls on one of these dates.

We propose to see the names that correspond to different months of the year, as well as to find out what the names of the boys mean.

Popular male names


  • Alexander (with the Greek. "Defender of the People"). In adolescence often refuses to follow the rules, to follow the authority. Mature - requires excellence, recognition of talent. It will be successful in everything, if it demonstrates purposefulness and endurance. Sacred celebrate in all months.
  • Alexey (from the Greek. "Defender"). Balanced, diligent. Friendly, creative, loyal. The holy calendar is in all months except January.
  • Andrew (from the Greek. "Courageous"). Insightful, with good endurance, successful in business, obligatory. Canny. Proud. Can not lose. Holy dates in all months.
  • Anton (from the Greek. "Entering the battle"). Excellent intuition and analytical skills, memory. Often unsure of oneself.Very sociable, but keeps feelings deep inside. Holy dates in all months.
  • Arseny (from the Greek. "Mature"). Emotional, enthusiastic, versatile, responsible. Not very collected. Not good at people. The holy days are in February, March, June, July, September, November, December. Dates name day a little.
  • Artem (from the Greek. "Healthy"). Independent, honest, does not accept meanness and brute force. Loves to read a lot. Values ​​freedom. The holy days are in January, April, May, July, November.


  • Victor (from the Latin. "Winner"). Interested, can rush into the pool with his head. Witty, sociable, likes to work in a team. Hates routine. Patient. The holy calendar is in all months except July.
  • Vladimir (Slavic "ruler of the world"). Strong-willed, purposeful, is able to control himself. In the work is very productive. Excellent friend. Very respectful of women. There are holy months in all months except May.


  • George (from the Greek. "Landowner"). Tactful, courteous, the soul of the company. The environment is chosen from talented, intelligent people. Entrepreneurial, with good self-esteem. Innovator. Dislikes routine. Holy dates in all months.
  • Gleb (Slavic "heir of God"). Has a sober look at things, a solid character. Able to think wide.Reliable, responsible, talented manager. The holy days are in May, July, August and September.


  • Daniel (Hebrew "my judge is my judge"). Thinker. Good and calm, good-natured and fair. Located to art and philosophy. Reliable and loyal. The holy days are in January, February, March, April, July, September, October, December.
  • Denis (from the Greek. "Dedicated to Dionysus"). Open, energetic, inquisitive. When you need - tricky. With good intuition. Great organizer. In a windy relationship. The holy calendar is in January, March, May, June, July, August, October, November.
  • Dmitry (with the Greek. "Dedicated to Demeter"). Persistent, creative. Easy to contact, sociable. Demanding. In love, fickle. Holy dates in all months.


  • Eugene (from the Greek. "Noble"). Careerist. Ambitious, able to make useful contacts and use them. Restless, does not tolerate the routine, but hardworking. In love often changes partner. Sacred in all months except April, May, June and July.
  • Egor (from the Greek. "Farmer"). Able to learn, mandatory and principled. Stubborn and incredulous, hot-tempered. He has excellent business skills, is able to solve problems. The holy days are in February, March, May and June.


  • Ivan (Slavic "given by God"). Incredibly versatile, addicting. Loves newness. Simple, but savvy. Kind and helpful. Holy dates in all months.
  • Elijah (the Jewish “my God is Jehovah”). Businesslike, good organizer, economic. It has "golden hands". Noble and responsible, very direct. The holy calendar is in all months except May, June, July, and October.


  • Cyril (from the Greek. "Lord"). Ambitious, ambitious. Striving for power and wealth. In relations with others, seeking benefits. In love, faithful, jealous. The holy calendar is in all months except August.
  • Constantine (from the Latin. "Permanent"). Very attached to loved ones. Honest, conscientious. New acquaintances starts with difficulty. Monogamous Has a penchant for art, poetry. Sacred in all months except April and May.


  • Maxim (from the Latin. "The Greatest"). Independent, resolute. Stubborn and assertive, if needed. Good friend. Not afraid of loneliness. Relationships will be difficult, but in the end of the family waiting for a complete idyll. Holy dates in all months.
  • Michael (Jewish "who is like God?"). Neat and disciplined. Has the ability to sport competitive games.Rational, flexible, quickly oriented. Sincere and loyal. Holy dates in all months.


  • Nikita (from the Greek. "Winner"). A leader who knows his own worth. The only authority is the father. Can make a good career if it is purposeful and assembled. In women, it is a success. The holy calendar is in all months except March, August and December.
  • Nikolai (from the Greek. "Winner of nations"). Independent, persistent, good analyst. Learns quickly. Secretive (it often interferes with his love, marriage), non-conflicting. It has all its opinions. Holy dates in all months.


  • Paul (from the Latin. "Small"). Realist, resourceful and decisive, businesslike. Do not tolerate fuss. Responsive and friendly. The holy calendar is in all months except April.


  • Roman (Latin: "Roman"). Sociable, full of interesting ideas, eloquent, with a developed intellect. Independent, does as it sees fit. Able to be cold-blooded and prudent. Impatient. Sacred in all months except April, June, July and November.


  • Sergey (from the Latin. "Guarding"). Restrained, obligatory, organized. With a rich inner world, touchy. Able to find an approach to people. Holy dates in all months.


  • Timofey (from the Greek. "God-fearing").Calm, persistent, closed. All plans. Sometimes emotional. He chooses his wife responsibly. Sacred in all months except April, August, October and November.

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