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What do cats say?

Anna Shuldeshova
Anna Shuldeshova
March 26, 2013
What do cats say?

So, have you got a kitten or have you had it for a long time? Even small children know that the cat says "meow." But what does it mean? What do cats say? I must say that the cat's intonation is in many ways similar to human. And if it seems to the owner that his pet is meowing plaintively or interrogatively, then, most likely, the way it is.

What other sounds are there?

Not everyone knows that cats purr is not always from pleasure. Sometimes the sound is similar to the purr, cats can make with certain diseases. So, if the pet is grumbling in an "inappropriate" situation, it is urgent to show it to the vet. Let you waste time, and the doctor will tell you that the animal is fine, but worrying about your beloved pet will not be superfluous, because the disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. As for physiology, unlike people, cats perceive ultrasound, and Do not hear low frequencies. Treble helps them hear and hunt mice. However, some cats may be born deaf or stall to old age.

How to determine that the cat is angry

Feline hiss means aggression and fear. But even if the animal is afraid, with hissing it shows that it will not give up so easily. Therefore, in this situation, it is advisable to leave Murka alone only if it is not a visit to the veterinarian. Low, uterine sounds also mean aggression. Surely, you have seen two cats sitting opposite each other and trying to determine the owner of the territory with "uterine" howls. In cat conflicts with bare hands it is better not to interfere. Best of all, when fighting, it helps to water the rivals. They will immediately scatter in different directions. However, before the fight bullies rarely reach. They try to solve all the loud screams.

Some do not understand - why do cats say? It seems to be all there - and food, and care, and attention. The answer is simple: the animals just want to talk - they are living beings, and they are bored, especially if they don’t go outside the city apartment. It happens, the master returns home, and the meow-meow cats speak and run around — they sort of “tell” how the day went and swear that the owner was so late.


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