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What do fleas look like?

Most often, how fleas look like, they begin to think when these insects bring discomfort to your pets or, even worse, they start attacking people in the apartment. Often, many just want to get rid of annoying bloodsuckers. Therefore, let's understand with you what these annoying pests look like.

The flea belongs to blood-sucking insects that parasitize on the hair and skin of animals: dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, as well as on humans. Fleas have a special "piercing-sucking device", with the help of which they easily pierce the skin of their victim and feed on his blood. They have a narrow, flattened body from the sides, on which bristles and microscopic spines are located. With their help fleas move and keep on clothes or wool of their carriers. The length of an adult flea reaches from 1 to 5 mm. On the belly of an insect there are 3 pairs of limbs, two of which are used for jumping. On the back of the abdomen is a sensory organ, with the help of which the insect is able to catch the slightest vibration of the air.

Quite often, fleas are parasitic not only on domestic animals, but also on humans.Fleas bite people much more often than any other insects. Various fleas can bite you: dog, cat, or even human fleas. After a flea gnaws through the skin with the help of its jaws, it secretes saliva, which contains various anticoagulants and enzymes. Anticoagulants delay blood clotting, allowing the flea to suck it out, and enzymes often cause various allergic reactions in people.

Flea bites: symptoms

Most often, flea bites can be found on the lower legs or ankles. A flea bite usually looks like a red speck, around which a reddened areola is located. Such a spot may persist for several hours, depending on the reaction of your body to an insect bite. If a flea bite can cause only a slight irritation or scabies in some, then a great deal of irritation and tissue swelling can occur in others. The tender children's skin is more susceptible to flea bites, on which bite marks are more noticeable.

How to treat flea bites

If flea bites caused a significant allergic reaction, it would be more advisable to seek medical help.However, if the bites are minor, then there are some ways with which you can cure them yourself.

First of all, the bite area should be washed with any cleanser or antiseptic soap. Attach a bag of ice to the affected area to help avoid inflammation and swelling. To reduce itching, you can apply a little calamine lotion. Get a hydrocortisone ointment at the pharmacy, and apply it on the inflamed bites. Ointment will help you relieve itching and swelling much faster.

However, any problem is much easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, if you notice any signs of fleas in your pets, take action immediately.


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