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What do the colors symbolize?

Every day we have to see a variety of colors. They are present in clothes, the world around us. Each color has its own meaning. Let's talk about what colors symbolize.

White color

White color is a symbol of purity and perfection. It has a beneficial effect on human energy. People who like him are usually honest and careful, but they have quite a few enemies. As a rule, they have a calm temperament.

Red color

Red is a symbol of life energy. It activates, attracts the eye and warms. Such a color is liked by strong and courageous people, who are often very vindictive. Red clothes are worn by those who wish to stand out from the crowd. It charges people with special energy, giving them activity and vigor.

Orange color

Orange is the color of creation. He is optimistic, encourages freedom and action. Orange can activate hidden human capabilities. With it, you can achieve any goals. Those people who prefer the color orange are strong in spirit, they are ways to influence others and quickly gain popularity. They often become leaders.


Yellow color symbolizes the love of life. He is able to bring joy and laughter, as well as stimulates mental abilities. It is believed that the yellow color like creative people who are honesty and diligence. He is also chosen by those who want to become rich and succeed in life.


Turquoise color symbolizes harmony between heart and mind, experience and wisdom. It activates the hidden talents of a person and allows them to develop as much as possible. This color is preferred by people who are eager to achieve not only success in life, but also enlightenment.

Green color

Green color symbolizes harmony. It weakens arousal and helps get rid of negative emotions. This color has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. People who like it usually lead a quiet life, are compassionate and sentimental. They are gullible and constant, but they are quite often betrayed by people around them.


Blue color personifies not only wisdom, but also quiet temper. It promotes relaxation and encourages to do good deeds. This color is chosen by people who aspire to spiritual achievements.They do not differ in selfishness, they can be characterless and passive.

Blue colour

Blue color symbolizes inspiration, justice and loyalty. It contributes to the realization of desires even those who at first glance seem unrealizable. People who like the blue color are usually very organized and have a good exposure. They are receptive and may obey others. They have a well-developed logical thinking.


Violet is a color that symbolizes kindness and wisdom. It is very powerful, so leaders prefer it. Violet helps balance spiritual and physical energy. People who give preference to him tend to be important, they have a well-expressed self-esteem and have oratorical abilities. But at the same time they often do not notice their shortcomings and can be quite tough with others.

Pink color

Pink is the color of Venus, symbolizing love. It allows you to build relationships with people around you. With the help of pink color you can attract a soul mate into your life or fill with tenderness the already existing relationships.It also helps to heal from spiritual wounds, increase self-esteem and prevent the occurrence of trouble in life.

Brown color

Brown color symbolizes protection. It allows you to protect yourself and attracts only good events. Brown color attracts wealth, success and abundance. He likes people who are willing to do anything to achieve their goals.


Indigo - color, symbolizing spiritual healing and enlightenment. It helps to learn about past lives and other worlds. It is preferred by people who like the mystic and the unidentified.

Grey colour

Gray color represents protection against mental and physical attacks. It effectively neutralizes negative energy and allows you to quickly get rid of problems. People who choose this color are sensitive and have a good heart.

Black color

Black color symbolizes mystery and mystery. It is chosen by people with a calm character. Often they have the ability to foresee, but not all use them.


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