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What do unique VKontakte visitors mean?

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What do unique VKontakte visitors mean?

In the social network "Vkontakte" there is an opportunity to join groups or create them yourself. Under the group avatar can be an option to view group statistics. Statistics are always available for group management and, at the discretion of the administration, may be made available to all group members. In the statistics of the group in contact, among other things, the number of unique visitors is noted, but it does not explain what this means. In order to have a correct understanding of the statistics of groups, it is necessary to understand what the unique visitors of Vkontakte mean.

A unique visitor is an Internet user who, for the first time in a certain period of time (for example, one day) has accessed a website from a specific computer and from a specific browser. That is, if the same person enters the site from another computer in 5 minutes, then this will be the second unique visitor.

It is necessary to distinguish between unique visitors in groups and views. It is believed that VKontakte unique visitor - is one specific account with a specific username and password (real person). Per day unit in groups taken day. That is, when 1 registered user enters the group at least 100 times a day, the number 1 in unique visitors will be noted in the statistics. And just in the number of views the number 100 will be marked. The same user in the group can enter discussions, group audio recordings, then discussions again - and this is already considered as 3 views, but 1 unique visitor. Unique visitors and VKontakte views are completely different things in group statistics.

But having conducted a small experiment in a VKontakte group consisting of 10 users, we saw another pattern. It turned out that there were 16 and 18 unique visitors in such a group per day, despite the fact that there are 10 registered accounts there! We conclude, when the same person, under his login, comes in from two different computers (IP addresses), then this is considered to be 2 unique visitors. It turns out that the analysis of unique visitors in a contact depends on the IP address and the cookie.

As for the unique visitors of VKontakte, these data are analyzed by special analytical companies. From the history of this social network, it is known that in 2009, for the first time, the number of unique visitors in contact was elevated over the number of the site by classmates. And according to data for October 2010, the daily visit of the VKontakte site to unique visitors was equal to the mark of 20 million.


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