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What does green mean?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
July 30, 2012
What does green mean?

Everything around us is like a rainbow. There are blue, white and green paint. They keep secrets in themselves: in philosophy, in clothes and in every person.

Green - the color of peace

I have often had to think about what green means. I read a lot of literature that gave me an extremely simple answer. Green is the color of vegetation. It is associated with the spring revival of nature, the expectation of a good harvest and youth.

Different countries - different meanings

Each country has its own symbol and customs. In Japan, green is the symbol of agricultural rites. In Europe - a sign of eternal love and hope. In India - the symbol of the Buddha, representing the karmic type of person. In Christianity, this symbol is associated with the earthly life of Christ and the saints.

Clothing in green

Since ancient times, the color in clothes wore a certain character. In ancient Rome, green-colored clothing signified effeminacy and unnatural inclinations.

In modern society, this color speaks of inner harmony and self-control. Most often, green is preferred by open people with whom you can talk on any topic. However, such people are very careful and prefer to observe rather than act.

It is the color of education and culture, it fills with energy and helps to get rid of fears and complexes.

The magical power of green stone

Stones have always been emphasized. Academician A.E. Fersman wrote that the emerald from ancient times was valued more than other stones and was called the "shining stone". Its deep green color was considered an expression of life, purity and youth. People claimed that he possesses mysterious power and can heal diseases and also bring happiness. Georgians believe that secrets of the future and the present are reflected in the emerald.

Eye color magic

What the green color of the eyes means is unequivocally difficult to say, since in ancient times the owners of this color were considered witches and associated with madness and the devil.

At the present time, they say that these people are very vulnerable, tender. Love in their mind is something holy. They cherish it and keep it like the apple of their eye.Green-eyed people are kind and generous, but never forgive an insult, even to the closest person. If you shake the trust of such people, they can turn from knights to devil, principled and firm in their decisions.

Green eyes remain a mystery to this day. Maybe someday we will be able to know the truth of our eyes. In the meantime, we can only learn, study and fight with their bad qualities, while remaining a knight, a man with the mind and fullness of the soul, which is able to overcome any adversity.


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