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What does the name Inna mean?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
September 26, 2011
What does the name Inna mean?

Did you know that the name Inna was previously used as an old Russian male name? And the word "inna" meant "turbulent flow." Is such a stormy life of a woman named Inna ... What does the name Inna mean?

Inna is a woman with a difficult temper: stubborn to tears, she will remember the offense forever, she does not forgive her friends. Inna will never adapt to the opinions of other people, she is bold, original and smart.

A successful career awaits Inna if she becomes a journalist, reporter, engineer, hairdresser or director in the field of trade. A wife named Inna is not an easy one, because Inna demands absolute openness and honesty from her partner. She is madly jealous, but she never betrayed herself.


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