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What does the name Yana mean?

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great
August 5, 2011
What does the name Yana mean?

The name is given to a person at birth for the rest of his life, someone stays with him forever, someone upon reaching a certain age chooses another, preferring a pseudonym or changing it altogether even in documents. After all, the person is judged by name, even before meeting with him, meeting him in documents or hearing for the first time at the presentation.

Meaning and origin of the name

What does the name Yana mean, where did it come to us and how does it translate - oddly enough this Slavic name, but initially it sounded like John, with time it was reduced to Yana. It also has common roots with the Scandinavian countries, where it is still used today, for example, in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Translated from Hebrew, it means God's mercy. Another form of this name is the western version - Jane.

Character traits

What does the name Yana mean if we mean the main character traits of this girl:

  • Yana is an emotional and open person. People around her are always well aware of what is happening to her and how she feels.She speaks openly about her desires, not seeing the point of restraining them.
  • She is spontaneous and open, speaks easily about her attitude towards another person and can well make her understand. But when confronted with the negative reaction of others, it becomes secretive, only the atmosphere of support and warmth will help make it truly sincere and friendly. Only by her own efforts she can learn to reckon not only with her own desires, but also with other people, she will gain a sense of humor, instead of conflict, in this case her life will be much better.
  • She is independent and self-willed, can show character and do as she decides, especially if she participates in a dispute or if something is forbidden to her.
  • She is capricious and touchy, it is very easy to hurt her self-esteem, if these qualities are encouraged in her (scandals or unduly indulging), they can turn into pride and arrogance with age. In another case, it will become ambitious and will try to achieve only the highest results in all.
  • She strives to be independent and main, with pleasure takes over the leadership of other people or projects, is able to take care of the younger and become the full mistress in the house.
  • Since it is unpleasant to clash with her, as she reacts quite violently to everything, you can distract her, or earn her sympathy by uniting against a common enemy. Negatively speaking about what she does not like, you will show that you are like her, and her emotions will go to condemn the phenomenon of which you spoke.

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