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Why dream to burn?

Leonid Veselov
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Why dream to burn?

Fire is the element, and, like any element, it can be both creative and destructive.

What dreams to burn or to be on fire

If you saw yourself in a dream in a fire, it means that you are caught up in some kind of strong feelings or emotions that you can hardly control.

If the fire stings you, leaves burns on your body, then this may indicate that your most base, negative emotions, namely anger, jealousy, envy, self-interest, fear, push you to commit such actions, after which you will have guilt for years to come, and maybe for life.

Fire that does not harm is the fire of purification and creation. If, being on fire, you do not feel pain, but feel joy and inspiration, you are filled with a powerful creative force, and great accomplishments await you.

However, you can feel joy and pain at the same time, which does not mean masochism at all. Probably, in your life you have had enough time to commit a great deal, but your soul strives for the bright and the pure.

What dreams of burning house

If you saw your burning house in a dream, then this may be interpreted not very favorable for you. Perhaps you plunged into a dubious, risky adventure, which God knows how it will end. If the house is burning from the facade, you are doused with mud. If it burns from the inside, they try to set you up.

In general, a burning house, fire, fire is a very favorable sign. If you are going to marry (marry), your marriage will be happy. If you are going to start a new business, it will be successful. The main thing is that the fire would flare up, and not fade. A dimming fire can mean that your luck leaves you, and, perhaps, that your last forces leave you. Take care of them.


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