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Why dream father?

Elena Melnichenko
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Why dream father?

The dream, in which the dreamer sees the father or the holy father, says that you should think about your deeds. Batiushka can dream if a person has sinned or created a dangerous situation.

Let us consider in more detail what the father�s dream is for a woman and a man.

The phenomenon of the father

If the priest is in the church, then you will find yourself in an unpleasant situation, and if you play his role, then expect trouble from the side.

A woman who is in love with a priest in a dream needs to look at her lover - maybe he is dishonest with her and everyone will know about it. If the father is seeking the location of a woman, then she needs to wait for reproaches from the side. Maybe she is very passionate about various entertainment.

A man who sees his beloved with the priest should not rush things, everything has its time. If in a dream you get acquainted with the priest and invite him to visit, then in real life you can not find the right solution to the situation.

To be in the temple and not understand what the father says, means that you are entangled in your affairs.Such a dream warns you of upcoming mistakes that you can make out of ignorance or stupidity. In addition, the father in a dream may be a harbinger of the disease.

In some cases, the priest may portend a calm and peaceful life after overcoming troubles - you will find a way out and reveal the cards of the swindler.

The blessing of a priest in a dream is a good sign that testifies to the correctness of your undertakings and thoughts, so you can safely continue your work and implement your plans.

If you are a believer and you dreamed of the priest, this is a good sign. Perhaps the priest blesses your deeds and actions for success and a happy ending.


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