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Why dream of ice?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 6, 2012
Why dream of ice?

Give up hope, everyone entering here. It seems to be written on the gates of hell, but the ice kingdom fits better.

Devastation, the freezing of feelings, emotions, thoughts - that is what can be found there. So why dream of ice? The consequences of frivolity and selfishness rush to you through the noise of a blizzard and slash on the face with snow chips.

Have you surrounded yourself with scammers who promise heavenly life, or, maybe, empty, careless people like life-seekers? And now you dream of icicles on the roof of your house? Your home will soon become devastated, uncomfortable. You will not want to return to it, but you will have to, since other houses will be closed for you.

Have you achieved success and neglected old friends? And now you see in your sleep, as you walk on thin ice, and no one wants to stretch your arms to you? Hard times are waiting for you, and your loneliness is unlikely to become an ornament for them.

Did your Titanic encounter an iceberg in a dream? Your ambitions and complacency will be dealt a terrible blow.

However, if you dream about ice in the summer, you might just be hot.


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