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Why dream of an icon?

Angelica Artemyeva
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Why dream of an icon?

If you dreamed of an icon, then most often it is a favorable sign. Fate provides you with a new opportunity for making profitable business contacts, establishing friendly relations with people who can be very useful to you. You will surely get the benefit from the started business.

If in a dream you prayed before an icon, then this action may portend support from business partners. At the same time they will offer help themselves.

Watch from the side of the icon, especially in the church, a hint that an important life choice has been made correctly. If such a dream sees a young girl, it means that she will marry successfully.

And why dream of an icon, if you buy or sell it in a dream? This will no longer be a very good sign, which may portend loss, illness, refusal of help from friends, if you address them. There is also a chance that you will lose your job or leave your family due to your own fault.


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