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What do needles dream about?

August 8, 2012
What do needles dream about?

What can a needle do? Sew - many will answer, but what else ?! However, the symbolism of the needle is not so simple. It was believed that the needle can cause damage, the evil eye. This is the weapon of many so-called black magicians. What then does the needle symbolize in a dream? What does such a dream mean and does it say at all?

If, after all, you are not indifferent to know what needles are for, we will try to figure it out.

  • A needle in a dream symbolizes an enemy or a quarrel.
  • The use of a needle warns of an approaching trouble. Think about where you can expect them from and just be "armed."
  • Did you get a needle in your sleep? Wait for tricks in your address. Try to accept them with dignity.
  • Dream about looking for a needle? Perhaps you will be unreasonably anxious.
  • And if you find a needle, wait for new acquaintances in reality, maybe even the emergence of new friends.
  • Or maybe you are just a seamstress or is a fashion designer “sleeping” in you? Do you dream of creating your own fashion collection? This is your dream, which means you choose.

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