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Why dream of a big rat?

March 17, 2015
Why dream of a big rat?

Contrary to popular belief, many people not only see plot dreams, but often remember them. And if they see a disturbing (perhaps only for them) symbol in their dreams, they start to worry in reality. The rats are still perceived by the majority of humanity as something vile, insidious and dangerous. Therefore, having seen this animal in dreams, many are beginning to wonder what a big rat dreams about.

Observation of animals in a dream is described in the section Dreams about animals. We only dwell on rats.

Auspicious sleep

It is possible to determine why a big rat dreams, only knowing other circumstances of sleep. So, if a rat runs past, it means that a kind of joyful event awaits you, but only if the dreamer is a woman. But if the rat is not only big, but also white and leads you to something valuable (treasure, keys, food), then you will find successful cooperation and support of a stronger and more significant person.

What dreams of a big biting rat

If she bites your enemy, you will receive unexpected support, but not the fact that it will please you. If a rat bites you, the meaning of sleep depends on what it bites you for. If the hands - this is a difficult period in life and painful setbacks. If for clothes - to material, rather tangible losses. Hiding in his bosom and biting inside - to betrayal (although most likely a recent acquaintance will deceive you)

Victorious dream

What dreams of a big rat, driven away or killed by you? This is the most favorable dream. You can not take into account other circumstances, since it means that you will overcome all life troubles and will emerge victorious from any confrontation. And the more there will be an animal, the greater success awaits you.


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