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What dreams of roses?

Daria Shpolyanskaya
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What dreams of roses?

Dreams are a display of our reality, passed through the prism of our subconscious. Sometimes dreams are prophetic, you will definitely feel it on an intuitive level. For example, the future can predict the roses seen in a dream. What dreams of roses? If in a dream you had a rose, then in general it is to well-being in life. Rose has always been considered a universal symbol of love and beauty. In many cultures, the rose has long been considered the mystical center of the heart. According to the gypsy tributes, this flower is always a good harbinger.

But for one, a dreamed rose can foreshadow hot love, and at the same time, her thorny spikes can tell another that what is not always beautiful outside can be safe inside.

Consider the details:

  • Why dream of a red rose - you are waiting for passion, hot love.
  • What dreams of white roses - separation is possible, a danger to a loved one, a separated way of life.
  • What dreams of a scarlet rose - love; something related to blood and mental strength.
  • What dreams of a yellow rose - loyalty.
  • Why dream of a blue rose - it's time to forget the past, start a new life.
  • Why dream of a pink rose - happiness in love, joy.
  • See, tear roses - to joy.
  • Pricked about the thorns - to suffer; suffering caused by love.
  • What dreams of a faded rose - health and life in danger; old joys which cannot be returned; the finale of something good.
  • What dreams of a crumbling rose - the end of a carefree life.
  • What dreams of a dried rose are vainly awakened old feelings.
  • Receive roses as a gift - to the fulfillment of desires.
  • Give roses - to the death of hope.

So, if you had a dream, and you felt that he was a prophetic one, you need to quickly understand what this may mean. You need to disassemble it in detail and try to solve it so that you know what to prepare for. Now we figured out what dreams of roses. May you only dream of good signs.


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