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Why dream of a watermelon?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
August 2, 2012
Why dream of a watermelon?

Now the very beginning of summer, which means that so far watermelons (at least mature and tasty) can only be seen in a dream. And if you had such a dream, it would be interesting to find out why watermelons dream?

  • Russian dream book warns - if you dreamed of a watermelon, then you should pay attention to your own health - short-lived illnesses are possible.
  • Esoteric dream book believes that watermelon in a dream is a signal from your body. He does not have enough water and you need to drink herbal infusions and teas.
  • According to Veles' dream book, a watermelon in a dream a young girl predicts deception or forced marriage. To a woman, he foreshadows a pregnancy or a failure of a loved one, and a man of sadness and trouble, perhaps a refusal of a loved one.
  • And according to the dream book of Sheremenskaya, watermelon means something completely different - it symbolizes the peak of pleasure. If you dream of eating a watermelon - it is to the immense awesome sensations. But at the same time, watermelon can mean puzzling with any problems and possible pregnancy.

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