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Why dream of a wreath?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
August 7, 2012

Wreaths are different. They can be from flowers, light and summer, and can be funeral. Have you had a dream about one of them? Then you will be interested to know what the dream is about.

There are many dream books that give different interpretations of dreams. The following are interpretations of the most popular dream books.

  • Dream Miller says that if you dreamed that you are wearing a wreath of fresh flowers, then this dream offers great opportunities for enrichment. If you saw the bride's wreath - this is to the happy end of your predicament and indefinite situation. But to see a faded wreath in a dream is a sign of dying love and illness.
  • Old English dream book believes that a beautiful wreath in a dream is a very positive symbol. You will be able to overcome all gravity and will lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The blessing promises this dream to people engaged in trade.
  • According to the esoteric dream book, if you saw a wreath on your head - this is to the victory of the one he is wearing. Throw a wreath in the water for this dream book - for a long life.If something happens to the wreath - it sinks, fades or burns - wait for remorse.

What dreams of funeral wreaths

In the men's dream book it is said that such a wreath is dreaming of death or an unexpected tragedy. If a dream dreamed on Friday - the life of a person close to you will soon end, and this will happen unexpectedly. On Tuesday, this dream has a similar meaning - the life of a loved one will end, but not soon. If a funeral wreath was intended for your funeral - it promises you good health and a long life. To buy such a wreath is a great financial hardship.


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