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What exercises to do pregnant?

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What exercises to do pregnant?

You have always led an active lifestyle, engaged in your figure, but now you are expecting a child and do not know whether it is possible to continue playing sports? Of course you can! But only if carefully. Now you need quiet activities that will secure both you and the baby. Let's find out what exercises to do pregnant.

For many years, watching the pregnancy of different women, obstetricians came to the conclusion that slight physical exertion benefits future mothers. Normalization of breathing during the breathing exercises will help maintain weight in the norm, and most importantly - give the child more oxygen, which is very important for his development. Children of active moms are born healthy and strong, they learn to walk and talk faster.

Before training

If you decide to play sports during pregnancy, the very first thing to do is to consult a gynecologist who is observing you.He must be sure that your pregnancy is proceeding normally, and you have no complications, only then he will be able to allow you to exercise.

Some important rules

  • You need to do it regularly, but not very intensively. The fact is that with intensive studies, your brain and heart will begin to absorb more oxygen, which will cause damage to the development of the baby. Your heart rate should be at 70% of the heart rate, which is considered the maximum. Find a special formula on the Internet and calculate for yourself a safe pace.
  • Be sure to watch your breathing. If you are not comfortable, can not speak as usual, and your breathing is intermittent, this is a signal that you are moving prohibitively fast.
  • Eliminate complex coordination of movements, jumps, sudden movements.
  • With pain behind the pubic part, do not start classes.

Prohibited Sports

  • Skiing and rollerblading
  • Combat Sports
  • Diving
  • Run
  • Ball games
  • Horse riding

Exercises for pregnant women: 1 trimester

In the period of the 1st trimester, a woman needs to be especially careful. Avoid abdominal exercises, do not lift weights, do not jump, and you can forget about the gym at all.Be careful! Exercise recommended by doctors. Examples are given below.

  • Exercise for relaxation. Standing exactly, tighten the stomach, put your legs shoulder-width apart. Breathe in as if you had a balloon between the ribs, inflating as you inhale and descend as you exhale (10 times).
  • Exercise for the muscles of the chest. Standing smoothly, close your palms at chest level. While breathing in, press on each other with your hands (10 times).
  • Exercise for the buttocks. Standing straight, bend your knees, feet shoulder-width apart. Rotate the pelvis slowly in a circle: first to the right, then to the left (5 times).
  • Exercise from stretch marks. Standing exactly, bend one leg in the knee, and become the second. Stop the foot, first forward, then to the side, and back (5 times on each leg).
  • Exercise for legs and back. Sit on the floor, straighten your legs and spread them apart. Stretch your socks and spread your arms so that they are parallel to the floor. Inhaling, twist the body to one side, and exhaling, return to the starting position (5 times for each side).
  • Stretching Be sure to complete a set of exercises stretching! Sit comfortably and press your legs under you.Touching your heels with your buttocks, stretch your arms forward and with your forehead try to touch the floor. Hands slowly reach forward and relax.

The first trimester lasts 14 weeks, only after it can you add small dumbbells to classes.

Exercises for pregnant women: 2 trimester

Exercises of the 2nd trimester are aimed at stretching and strengthening the muscles of the thighs, chest, abdomen.

  • Warm up Turns of the head: sit in a lotus-like position, keep your back straight. Make slow turns of the head (10 times).
  • Twisting the spine. In the same pose, spread your arms parallel to the floor. Inhale, turning the whole body aside, exhale, returning to the starting position (10 times).
  • Exercise for the chest with fitball. Sit and tighten your legs so that they touch the buttocks. Bend your arms and clasp the ball with them. Press down on the ball with two hands and strain the pectoral muscles (12 times).
  • Exercise for the abdominal muscles. Lying on your right side, bend your knees, and place your hands perpendicular to your body. Draw a semicircle with your hand, waving it behind your back on the exhale. Then, with a neck movement, look back at your hand and turn to the original position (6 times in each direction).
  • StretchingFor stretching, use the same exercise as in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Exercises for pregnant women: 3 trimester

During this period, you just need gymnastics, as the weight of your body will begin to increase rapidly. You can do all the exercises that you did in the first two trimesters, but it�s best to use more sedentary options. Do not set yourself a goal to lose weight, doing physical activity; The fact that you are gaining weight now is an absolutely normal process. Strengthen your muscles so that your childbirth is as easy as possible, and you will begin to lose weight when you are already giving birth. Do exercises on your back on a fitball or a soft pillow, so you will not overstrain the spine, but if on a fitball you find it difficult not to fall, do the exercises without it.

  • Warm up Sitting on the fitball, keeping your back straight, turn your head in different directions (10 times). Similarly to the 2nd trimester, make the spine twisting.
  • Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back. Sitting in a Turkish position, holding your back straight, raise your arms and touch them to the floor. Tilt: With your right hand, pull left to inhale. The other hand should be near the knee on the floor, bent at the elbow.Important: keep your hips on the floor, and perform all movements slowly to feel how the muscles stretch. Return to the starting position when you exhale (5 times for each side).
  • Exercise prevention of varicose veins. Sitting on the fitball, keep your back straight, and put your feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the ball with both hands. Exhale, take off your heels from the ground, and while inhaling, return your foot to its original place. The next exhalation - tear off the socks, instead of heels (10 repetitions).
  • Exercise on the inner side of the hips and muscles of the pelvis. The ball must be leaned against the wall itself. Sit down and lean your back on him. Put your feet very close to you and lean them against each other. Try to lean your knees against the floor, pushing them down a little with your hands. Do it slowly (5 times).
  • Stretching Sit on the floor and squeeze your legs under your body so that they touch the buttocks. Stretch your arms forward, and with your forehead try to touch the floor (3-4 times).

Now you know what exercises you can pregnant. Every half hour workout a little rest. If it's a hot day, drink a glass (or more) of water without gas.

You can also sign up for group exercises for expectant mothers.Never start gymnastics, if you feel hungry, better eat some food and drink some liquid about 15-30 minutes before exercise. If you want to know more about what exercises for pregnant women, the video can help you in this matter.


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