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What are fashionable dresses?

Summer is coming, blessed time for vacations and outdoor recreation, a time when every woman wants to be particularly fashionable and beautiful, so even the most ardent fans of jeans and sneakers are already beginning to think about what fashionable dresses will be most relevant this season. Let�s look at the pages of glossy magazines together with you and learn about the main fashion trends of the coming summer.

Actual styles and main fashion trends

  • Sheath dress has been at the height of fashion for the last year in a row. This style is relevant not only in the office or business wardrobe. Many fashion designers this season are actively using it when creating festive and evening dresses, using an unusual effective cut of neckline and sleeves to update the image and create a trendy catchy silhouette.
  • Dress - shirt is back in fashion. A collar on the stand, large rectangular pockets on the chest, a fastener in the form of a stitched strap along the entire length of the dress, loops and a narrow belt (leather or fabric of the dress) are the main distinguishing features of its modern interpretation.The main fabrics for such a dress are linen or cotton, most often pastel colors, plain-colored or with a pale vertical strip. The second very fashionable version of such a dress is sewn from transparent air chiffon with a delicate floral print. This dress is worn over small monochromatic shorts and top.
  • Dress - bustier. Open shoulders, a strapless bodice that keeps on the �underwire� and tightly embraces the body, and a wide puffy skirt up to the knee - this is the modern version of this dress.
  • Dresses in the style of "military" unexpectedly became one of the most fashionable trends of the coming season. Epaulettes, epaulets, otstrochennye coquette, stalemates and chevrons, characteristic of this style, were present in almost all fashionable collections of this year.
  • Asymmetric dresses with one open shoulder do not want to finally take their positions. Some designers have presented dresses and tunics of a similar style this season, so you can safely put on your favorite last year's asymmetrical dress, it is still fashionable and relevant.
  • Dress - retro in the style of the sixties was a real find of this spring - summer season.A narrow bodice, neckline or a small rounded turn-down collar, a small sleeve - a flashlight or a �Japanese�, a slim waist, a narrow strap and a puffy skirt up to the knee � movies with young Lyudmila Gurchenko or Audrey Hepburn immediately come to mind.

Speaking about what are now fashionable dresses, it is impossible not to mention the individual details of the cut, which will be most relevant in the upcoming season.

Fashion details

  • The length of the super-mini temporarily fades into the background and knee-length dresses come to the fore.
  • Narrow ruffles and wide flounces - they can be seen everywhere: on the bodice, sleeves, skirt. Sometimes all the dress consists of air chiffon ruffles only.
  • Baska is a very fashionable part of the cut, it perfectly emphasizes the narrow waist and makes the transition from it to the wide skirt more contrast and expressive.
  • Collars. Small turn-down collars, sewn from laces, contrasting fabrics or crocheted, are the perfect complement to retro dresses.
  • Pleating. This season pleated chiffon skirts, ruffles on dresses and sleeves, collars and jabot.

Now that you know what fashion dresses to wear this year, I would like to conclude with a few more words about the fabrics from which they are sewn.

Current fabrics

  • The most fashionable fabric in the upcoming season, of course, guipure. Openwork lace dresses - straight or with fluffy skirts, on a cover of a contrasting color or with a lining to match the favorites of this summer season.
  • Cotton, linen and natural silk are timeless classics that never go out of fashion.
  • Fabrics of noble deep shades with a �metallic� effect are another fashion trend of this year.
  • Chiffon - plain pastel shades (it is very fashionable to pleat it) or colored with the most incredible tropical floral prints.

Trendy colors and prints

  • The classic combination of black and white, juicy emerald green, coral red, bright yellow and white make up the fashionable color palette of the coming summer. From pastel shades, preference should be given to mint-green, ash-pink, pearl-gray and peach colors.
  • The most fashionable prints are classic polka dots, a cage and a stripe, large floral motifs, ethnic ornaments and animal paintings under a snake, a crocodile or a leopard.

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