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What greenhouse to choose to give

You will need
  • - country cottage area;
  • - greenhouse.
Many vegetable crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, from southern countries. For optimal fruiting and growth, they require appropriate climatic conditions. For example, the climate of central Russia is characterized by early autumn colds and returnable frosts in spring. To save the harvest gardeners use greenhouses. A variety of glass, plastic or plastic coated structures are available. Heating for greenhouses can be sun rays, biofuels, steam-water or electrical appliances.
Considering the greenhouse to give, decide what you want. Greenhouse suitable for year-round or seasonal use. Be sure to consider your region of residence. Choose a covering material that matches your climate. For example, it is believed that polycarbonate retains heat with the highest quality. Compared to glass, this material is safer. Its light weight simplifies the design of the greenhouse.If necessary, it can be easily transferred. When choosing a greenhouse to give, pay attention to the quality of polycarbonate. There is a material with a protected layer of UV stabilizer on sale. The service life of such a polycarbonate is significantly higher than that of a conventional covering material.
If we consider the size of the greenhouse, it rather depends on the convenience of the gardener. The most popular sizes for country greenhouses are 3 * 6 m, 2.5 * 6 m. They are more expensive in cost. Greenhouses are available with different frames. The base profile may vary in thickness and width. Typically, structures are made of non-corrosive galvanized material. Choose an arched greenhouse. It will withstand the snow and wind load, and it is very easy to collect it.
It is good, if the greenhouse chosen by you will be supplied with a frontal window leaflet. It will provide a more uniform airing of plants. It is very convenient when the country greenhouse is equipped with automatic vents and doors. For a good harvest, proper ventilation is one of the important factors. Automatic opening of the vents in the greenhouse greatly facilitates the life of the summer resident.
Some manufacturers supplement greenhouses not only with an automatic ventilation system, but with a customized irrigation and lighting system. The greenhouses equipped in this way will release the summer residents from total control over the plants. Choosing the right greenhouse for your plot, you really will rest in the country, and not to engage in overwork.

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