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What happens if you drink a lot of valerian?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 5, 2012
What happens if you drink a lot of valerian?

It is no secret that modern life, its speed and swiftness, a lot of information and everyday problems that require instant solutions do not pass unnoticed by our nervous system. We all live with stress. Today, even young and healthy people complain of headaches, poor sleep, pressure and lack of appetite. And all this is the result of stress. Of course, everyone struggles with this as much as he can, as best he can and how much easier! For some, the tablet of phenazepam is a panacea, and someone just gets drunk, to be honest! But the simplest thing that we have all heard from grandmothers is to drink valerian. Cheap and angry!

Little about valerian

Valerian is a perennial plant. In medicine and in folk remedies use its roots. They have a pronounced sedative and sedative effect. Pharmacists are prepared from the roots of the tincture on alcohol and tablets. Accepted valerian with psychosis, epilepsy, nervous agitation, with heart spasms.

Usually valerian tablets are taken in courses for about 2 weeks. One or two tablets (respectively 20-30 drops) three times a day. The drug accumulates in the body and due to this, the healing effect is noticeable.

Drug overdose

So what happens if you drink a lot of valerian? It is considered to be, if the medicine is made on the basis of a plant, then it is completely safe. This is not true! Such a frivolous and negligent attitude to health can cause great trouble. And do not forget about it! If you take a large dose of valerian at once, the digestive system may not work, and this is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

The calming effect can intensify many times, in other words, a person will fall into a complete stupor. All body reactions will be reduced.

In any case, if you decide to conduct a similar experiment on yourself, get ready to wash your stomach! This “pleasant” procedure will stop you from playing with medicines for a long time!


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