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What will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open?

August 30, 2012
What will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open?

If you have asked this question, most likely you have not heard the well-known truth that it is simply impossible to sneeze with open eyes. The fact is that this is pure reflex reaction of a person. But more on that later. You are probably wondering what will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open, that is, if you somehow try to keep them open. That's about it and talk.

Sneezing as a reflex reaction

To understand what will happen if you sneeze with your eyes open, you should understand what is the process of sneezing.

Sneezing is not a useless process of a sharp release of air, but a protective reaction of our body. When foreign objects get into the nose (let's call them so, everyone understands that we are talking about objects of very small sizes), the nerve endings are irritated. Impulses are transmitted to the brain. There is a muscle spasm. Irritation of the trigeminal nerve during sneezing leads to reflex closing of the eyes.

That is, sneezing and closing the eyes at the same time is a reflex, it is the norm, it is what is given by nature.

British scientists have calculated even the rate of exhaled air in the process of sneezing, and it is equal to 150 km per hour! Now it seems, what will happen to the eyes if you sneeze without closing them?

Probably, you, like British scientists, decided that the eyeballs would simply fly out. However, no. There is information about experimental verification of this process. A person in a special helmet that does not allow to close his eyes during sneezing was subjected to irritation of the nerve endings of the nose. He sneezed.

Do not worry, eyes remained in place. However, they were subjected to very strong pressure (which is very harmful for such a tender organ, you know 150 km / h). Special chambers fixed the protrusion of the eyeballs outward during sneezing with a deviation of 2 mm from the norm.


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