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What is a horoscope?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 21, 2013
What is a horoscope?

You most likely think that you know the answer to the question, what is a horoscope? In fact, the real horoscope is not astrological predictions or horoscopes we are used to in newspapers and magazines. There are 12 signs of the zodiac. Usually horoscopes are generally for all representatives of the same sign. But it's not right. After all, every person is born at a certain time when the planets, the Sun and the Moon are in a special interaction. Children born with a fraction of a millisecond difference already have different fates and different characteristics. Therefore, astrology is a serious science, and the horoscope is a map of human life.

The horoscope is an individual information card for each individual. Such a horoscope looks like a circle with ten planets depicted and fictitious points and lines of aspects of different colors. An ordinary person will not understand anything from such a scheme, but an astrologer can tell a lot, since for him such a map is an information portal between the stars and the key to deciphering the person and the person’s fate.

For each person there is a unique horoscope, which we receive at birth. It contains valuable information about a person, his abilities and potential, destiny, talents, strengths and weaknesses. If an experienced astrologer works with a horoscope, he will be able to read any information you are interested in, be it about life, health, realization in any business, marriage, and so on.

The astrologer first interprets the horoscope, then predicts and gives recommendations to its owner, which helps to make not only the choice, but also to fully realize their natural potential.


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