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What is a macro?

February 4, 2015
What is a macro?

The word macro is mainly used in programming. A macro is a peculiar program algorithm of actions, which is recorded by the user. Often with the help of such algorithms perform routine actions. Simply put, in order not to write the same thing every time, you can make some kind of blank, that is, a macro that allows you to instantly automate any command.

Using Macros

In such application products as office or graphic programs, it is possible to launch and process macros. This process involves the automatic execution of a specific sequence of actions: the selection of certain menu items, keystrokes.

For example, in the Word editor you need to type some text in which from time to time you need to apply the same type of design (italics, underlining and blue color) to some words. In order not to perform the same manipulations each time, you can write a macro (macro), and all these actions (with the press of just one macro button) will be performed automatically.

In Excel, you can also make macros and automate your work.You can read about how exactly to do this in the article How to enable macros in Excel.

In addition to performing a number of built-in commands, the algorithms allow:

  • handle external files;
  • upload data from the network;
  • change the OS settings.

Now you know what a macro is and where it is used.


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