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What is a needle?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 25, 2015
What is a needle?

The igloo is the winter dwelling of the dome-shaped Eskimos, built of snow or ice blocks. The construction of the igloo is recently important in ski tourism, they are built in case of problems with tents or serious deterioration of the weather. Let's take a closer look at what a igloo is and find out why it may be warm in a dwelling made of snow.

Needle device

So, as we mentioned above, building a needle from ice or snow blocks. The diameter of the needle is usually 3-4 meters, and the height is about two. The entrance to the needle is done below the floor level - this is very important: carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen, which means that with such an organization it will easily leave the home, and oxygen will “come” instead. In addition, such an arrangement of the floor allows you to keep in the hut light warm air.

As a rule, the light penetrates the needle through the snow walls, but sometimes windows are made, they are made of ice or seal guts. Quite often in the Eskimo village you can find a lot of igloo, connected by special transitions.

Why does the needle not melt?

For heating and lighting the needle, special devices are used, which are called fatty bowls. The snow walls melt as a result of heating, but they do not melt, since the excess heat is easily removed by the snow outside the hut. Thus, inside the igloo is quite warm, and a person can comfortably exist in this hut, and the dwelling itself is not destroyed.


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