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What is a quarter?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
December 25, 2012
What is a quarter?

Many people have studied well the concept of "quarter", since knowledge was consolidated by obtaining a quarterly cash bonus, but not everyone was so lucky. Let's try to explain what the quarter is equal to and how it relates to the current time.

What is a quarter? The word "quarter" comes from the Latin "quartus", which means "fourth". A quarter is a time period equal to one quarter of a year or three months. It becomes clear how many quarters a year are exactly four. The counting of quarters starts from 1 (January, February, March), then - 2 (April, May, June), then - 3 (July, August, September) and ends 4 (October, November, December).

The division of the year into quarters helps to estimate the time and control the execution of the work plan of both the state executive and private enterprises. Quarterly division of the year helps to systematize tax, pension, statistical reporting, optimizes the issuance of patents, licenses, permits and other documentation.


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