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What is a short story?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 27, 2015
What is a short story?

In the literature, there are many genres that differ among themselves. But among them there are genres that are difficult to determine unequivocally. For example, this genre can be considered a novel. Sometimes the novel is confused with the story. Let us consider in more detail what a novel is and what are its features.

From the very beginning, difficulties arise in giving the only correct definition of a novella, since it is often placed on a par with the story, without giving any significant differences between them. In general, the novel is the main small genre of narrative prose. Some researchers equate the story to the story, while others speak of the story as a kind of story. There are also a number of scientists who consider the novella a self-sufficient literary genre. Nevertheless, in the novella there are distinguishing features peculiar only to her:

  • the severity of the plot and composition;
  • lack of descriptiveness;
  • lack of reflection;
  • great attention to the characters;
  • no routine events, etc.

But the controversy of literary scholars still continues, and not only about the definition of the novel, but also in relation to its differences from other genres.

Historically, the genre of the novel has been known since the Middle Ages. In addition to the literary sphere, the novel also manifested itself in the legal field, where the addition to the code of laws or the statute was called a novel.


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