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What is alalia?

January 12, 2015
What is alalia?

Children often have speech disorders as manifestations of various diseases. These diseases include alalia. Consider what is alalia and what are its signs.

With this disease, the baby does not speak or speaks very badly, although he is fine with his intellect and hearing. A similar violation can be found in 1% of preschoolers. The causes of alalia are not known for certain, but risk factors have been identified, including:

  • birth injuries
  • endocrine diseases
  • viral infections.

Psychological factors, as well as the tense situation in the family can affect the normal perception of speech in the baby.

Features of alalia

With alalia, systemic speech disorders are noticeable. Manifestations of this childhood disease are:

  • fuzzy pronunciation of sounds;
  • poor vocabulary;
  • lack of understanding of speech;
  • problems with grammatical constructions;
  • lack of speech;
  • problems learning to read.

A child suffering from motor alalia understands everything that others say, but his own ability to speak develops slowly. He cannot repeat sounds and even syllables.Often these children do not speak at all. Sensory alalia is much less common than motor. A sick child does not perceive the words he has heard and is experiencing serious problems with the formation of speech. A kid with a similar problem will definitely need qualified assistance from a speech therapist and doctor.


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