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What is best to put on an airplane?

Rest is a time of relaxation and enjoyment. Because you should take care of your comfort in advance, especially if you have to fly. To avoid unpleasant moments that can darken your holiday, we will tell you how to choose clothes for the airport and flight.

Convenience above all

The first thing to remember is that the road is not a place for fashion chic. All this can be done on arrival. It is important that nothing interferes.

In the waiting room it is sometimes stuffy because of a large crowd of people. Therefore, the first advice: make sure that the bottom layer of clothing is made of natural fabric (it has the ability to "breathe"). Give up clothes with metal decor, as this can cause some problems on the metal detector.

In the cabin of the aircraft much depends on the class. So, for example, in the economy class you are waiting for fairly narrow seats and a small distance to the front seat. Therefore it is better to avoid multi-layered and bulky clothing.

In business class, you can not worry about it.

If you have problems with blood vessels, it is recommended to purchase compression underwear during the flight. You can buy it often and in the shop at the airport, but the price there will be several times higher than usual.

Often on board, due to the nature of the ventilation, there may be drafts. Therefore, in order not to get sick from the ladder, do not wear short shorts and tops.

What then will be the best option?


Underwear for a girl should be soft. It is desirable that it was a pitted bra or sports supporting top. Models with stones can crush during the flight, causing discomfort.

Say no to long laces and ties. Firstly, you can be asked to take off your clothes on the screening, and secondly, if you go to the need, you will have to try to cope with them in a tight place for a long time.

A straight cut T-shirt, a tunic or a loose dress will be perfect.

Since on board is usually cool, be sure to grab a cardigan or fleece sweater. If you feel comfortable without it, then such a thing will fit in as a pillow.


Skinny and other tight pants and skirts should be left to the exit.Choose something more convenient that will not hold down movements and crush. Otherwise, such clothing can disrupt the blood flow, which is fraught with problems in the future.

Great idea - leggings + T-shirt, knit pants with elastic + top-razletayk, midi length dress + hoodie.

It is better if it is things from non-fading fabrics. Since you will have to sit quite a lot, and the view in the final result will be completely unattractive.


In the plane, the legs can swell, so among all the pairs, find a looser one. These can be ballet flats, loafers, moccasins. To remove fatigue from your feet, you can take off your shoes, but then be sure to take your socks with you.

A pair of heels or wedges should also be abandoned because in large airports the transition from terminal to terminal can be lengthy. And for those who put fashion above comfort, it is also painful.

Is the flight waiting for you? Perfectly. So, ahead of a fascinating pastime. And what to wear, so as not to spoil it initially, you already know. Enjoy your holiday!

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