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What is better xbox?

Today, for buyers presented a fairly large selection of game consoles. They can be: stationary, portable. Stationary consoles (set-top boxes) can be connected to the TV and monitor, they display sound and image. They play with the help of controllers, which are wired to the console, there are also wireless technologies. Using portable devices, you can play anywhere, they are equipped with an LCD screen and control buttons located on the front of the panel. Compared with stationary consoles, they have somewhat limited capabilities.

Console leaders

  • Xbox 360.
  • Nintendo Wii.
  • Sony PlayStation 3.

This is a new generation of consoles and therefore wondering about what is better than Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3 is not worth it, but you just have to try to figure it out, because everywhere there are their own pitfalls. To do this, we make a comparative characteristic.

Characteristics of game consoles

  • Appearance. For some, it does not matter, but for someone it is even very important that the console has a modern stylish look. Over the Xbox 360 model, Microsoft�s designers have seriously worked hard.The result was stunning: the original shape, excellent flat front panel and soft contours. It looks much better than the PlayStation 3. However, manufacturers have made a significant drawback, with a weight of less than five kilograms, it makes more noise than the same PS3 console, which weighs five kilograms. Nintendo Wii looks much more modest than its counterparts, but it works very quietly, has a compact size and, thanks to its modest design, fits into any interior.
  • Internally content. If you compare the console to the processor used, of course, we can say that the Xbox is better. It contains a full-fledged three-core IBM Xenon 3.2 GHz, Sony PlayStation 3 has a multi-core IBM Cell BE 3.2 GHz, and the Nintendo Wii has a rather modest IBM Broadway 730 MHz.
  • Video system In this regard, the Xbox 360 is inferior to the PS3, which has the ability to operate at frequencies of more than 600 megahertz. This is significantly higher than the Xbox, not to mention the Nintendo Wii, it was not going to compete with such monsters as the Xbox and PS3. But, despite our own, so to say, not breathtaking characteristics, the Nintendo Wii are trying to press the leaders.
  • If you compare the figures, the PS3 looks like more powerful, but, nevertheless, the Xbox 360 is superior to its competitor.This is because the PS3 processor has more features, and the Xbox 360, using well-known tools such as DirectX, is more �friendly�.

Use of online servers

Online services are important for gaming consoles. What's better? The Xbox is far superior to its rivals in this regard. They are easy to use and very convenient. After passing a simple registration, the user acquires one nickname, which works in all games online. There is a general statistics and rating of players, as well as the ability to download demos. As a currency, Microsoft Points are used, with which you can get new modes, different movies, the full version of the game. And all this in excellent quality and at high resolution.

Here you can definitely say that there is no xbox 360 better, there are no consoles, in comparison with it the PS3 looks very faded, despite the fact that it has the same features, and for free. Nintendo Wii, unlike previous game consoles, does not combine its servers into a single service and they are available in the form of channels offering some information.

The race for leadership continues, and it is not yet known which of the consoles will be the winner.They all have their pros and cons, but the leader in sales today is the Xbox 360, as for gamers, it is the best. But the choice, in any case, is yours.


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