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What is chorion?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
March 16, 2015
What is chorion?

Chorion refers to the so-called provisional or temporary organs, which are formed during the formation of the embryo of many animals, in particular, mammals, including humans. In this article we will look at what chorion is, what its functions are and how you can interpret the location of the chorion during ultrasound scanning.

Chorion: Definition

Chorion, or as it is also called, serosa, is the outer shell of the embryo. This shell is adjacent to the maternal tissues. This shell is used for the exchange between the embryo and the environment of various substances, including nutrients. Also, the chorion has a filtering function, is able to synthesize some hormones. His role for the embryo is really great, because in the future, the chorion will become the placenta, with which the child will receive all the nutrients.

Preposition of chorion

When scanning ultrasound, you can identify various defects of the chorion. Depending on this, the doctor may prescribe the appropriate types of treatment.The preposition of the chorion is the special position of the shell through which the child communicates with the environment of the mother. There are several types of presentation:

  • Low previa - characterized by attachment of the ovum to the cervix. This is quite rare and occurs only in five percent of pregnant women. As the fetus grows, the chorion safely rises to the desired position.
  • Presentation of the posterior or anterior wall of the uterus. These options are the norm, and they are also characterized by the fact that the placenta can subsequently move to the side walls.
  • Regional or partial presentation may already be a threat. It is characterized by a partial overlap of the cervix. With this type of presentation, the risk of miscarriage increases, but in this case there is no need for stationary rest, usually everything is limited to medical type of treatment.
  • Central presentation is the most dangerous for mother and child. It is characterized by complete overlapping of the cervical canal. In such cases, hospitalization is recommended. The physician must prescribe inpatient treatment and monitor the patient until recovery.

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