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What is functional training?

Our body is a unique organism that has a huge number of functions and capabilities. We are able to withstand even strong physical exertion and the ability to run, jump or climb upwards perfectly. But in the era of the development of information technologies, these skills gradually began to lose their value, and the human body became increasingly at rest. All this certainly affects the state of physical and psychological health, causing unpleasant consequences.

That is why among those who take care of their health and body, the concept of “functional training” has become increasingly frequent.

Back to naturalness

In order to survive in the harsh conditions of natural selection, our ancestors had to be multitasking, to master many professions and skills. That is why their body was developed evenly. The problem of modern working conditions is such that without constant involvement of "non-working" parts of the body cease to function in full.

To return them to their original state and capabilities, there are functional training.

Classic fitness is designed to work out individual muscle groups, and functional covers the whole body. Let's see what the real benefits, and to whom he can bring?

First of all, in the most simple everyday situations:

  • to lift and carry heavy bags from the supermarket, without suffering from bouts of back pain, it is not enough to have strong arms, you need a strong loin, spine and trained legs;
  • in order to catch a falling child and not to fall down himself, a little quick reaction requires the proper coordination and mobility of all the muscles of the body;
  • to go in high heels and not languish from the incredible pain, you need not only skill, but also the correct work of the vestibular apparatus and well-developed muscles of the legs and back.

All these situations cannot be modeled on a simulator, so the essence of functional training is to perform movements as close as possible to those with which a person meets daily.

Such exercises can also help in the fight against obesity, to prepare for other physical activities, for example, people who are engaged in alpine skiing, surfing, tennis or volleyball.Such exercises strengthen the shoulder and lumbar spine, help to distribute the load correctly and remove part of it from the main parts of the body involved.

In addition, functional trainings will be useful to those who suffered trauma or surgical intervention, as well as in the postpartum period.

The specifics of the class

Functional training fits all. For women, it will be a great way to become slimmer, and for men to train and increase their own endurance. Like other workouts, it has its own specifics.

  1. Each muscle of the human body is regarded as an important link in the general chain. Therefore in functional trainings the approach to each part of a body is thought over.
  2. The main principle of employment is the alternate inclusion of all muscle groups in the work.
  3. Be prepared that in addition to the usual sports equipment, you can take exercises on unstable platforms, uneven surfaces, which are aimed at training deeply located muscles.
  4. Another feature of the training is asymmetric exercises, which make it possible to achieve a balanced and even development of the right and left side of the body.Their need is explained by the daily local load on one of the arms, legs or body in general.

Wait for a visible and rapid result for external beauty is not worth it. He will come with time, but not as fast as after exhausting workouts in the gym. But the time spent will not be wasted - you will create the right and clear balance, improve flexibility, begin to more confidently control your body and move better.

Proper weight loss

In order to get rid of extra pounds, there is a huge number of power systems and exercise. But experienced fitness trainers are confident that the future is precisely in functional training. Why exactly they?

  1. Strength training helps to maintain a high heart rate throughout the execution of the complex, which means that energy consumption will be much higher.
  2. A variety of loads provides load on the respiratory system. At a time when it will be difficult for you to breathe while performing an exercise, be aware that the body borrows oxygen from the muscles, thereby training them.
  3. The metabolic rate is accelerated due to the simultaneous intensive study of several muscle groups.
  4. You will not have to exhaust yourself for a long time, training lasts from 20 to 60 minutes, but during this time you will have to sweat a lot.

Functional trainings perfectly proved themselves not only as a form-keeping complex, but also as therapeutic exercises capable of eliminating the consequences of certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system and even stroke. Coaches unanimously believe that functional classes will very soon replace the usual fitness training, because they are as closely related to our daily life.

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