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What is fungotherapy and how is it useful?

Sometimes nature itself presents us with very useful gifts. And they can be used to improve health. For example, fungotherapy is known and has been actively used since ancient times. And what is it? And how to conduct it?

What it is?

Fungotherapy is a treatment with mushrooms. In general, mushrooms have been studied for a very long time, and their origin is still a mystery. Some biologists called them "children of God", other scientists were able to distinguish from them the medicinal components that are still used in medicine.

This science began to emerge and developed a long time ago, it is believed that it appeared more than two thousand years ago, that is, even before our era. And its history began in China and Japan. Folk healer Wuxing wrote a whole book about mushrooms, describing more than a hundred species. And he noted that they are superior in advantage to many of the previously known medicinal plants.

But mushrooms have been actively studied in other countries, and scientific work continues.Scientists will probably discover new interesting properties.

What kind of mushrooms are used?

Traditional medicine involves the use of a variety of mushrooms, but the following are considered the most popular:

  • Shiitake, perhaps, can be called one of the most studied and popular mushrooms, and in Asian countries it is called imperial. It has long been used in the fight against cancer, diabetes, arthritis. It is also useful for hypertension, allergic reactions, hepatitis and atherosclerosis, removes harmful cholesterol from the body, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and helps cleanse all tissues. Shiitake should be used to increase immunity and normalize the emotional state.
  • Cordyceps is recommended by healers for atherosclerosis, lung diseases (bronchitis, asthma), immunodeficiency, as well as depressive conditions. This mushroom is unique, it helps to increase the body's resistance and replenish the reserve of forces under intense loads, to relieve obsessive fears, and even increase libido and male potency.
  • Maitake or Maitake (also called “chicken tail”, “dancing mushroom”), found by biologists about thirty years ago, has a large number of polysaccharides.Therefore, such a product is recommended for AIDS and other immunodeficiency states, for diabetes mellitus, liver diseases, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, as well as during menopause in women.
  • Agaric is a Brazilian mushroom that has pronounced and powerful antitumor properties, due to which it is actively used in the fight against cancer. But it is also recommended for asthma, liver damage (including hepatitis), for diseases of the thyroid gland, hypertension, erectile dysfunction in the male, as well as for various dermatological diseases.
  • Reishi, which is also often called Ganoderma, is the most popular mushroom in China, actively used in traditional medicine in this country. It contains natural powerful antioxidants, neutralizing the destructive activity of free radicals, preventing the development of oncological diseases, as well as slowing down the processes of aging and tissue destruction. Reishi is used for the prevention and treatment of cancer, with intestinal diseases, weight problems, immunodeficiency conditions, hemorrhoids, mental disorders, heart rhythm disorders, as well as skin ailments.

There are a lot of other mushrooms, but they are not so popular and are not well studied yet, although they are still used in some ancient practices and teachings.

Treatment rules

Fungotherapy has some features. And if they are not taken into account, the treatment will not be effective, as some properties of fungi can be changed or neutralized if used incorrectly.

So, a few important rules:

  1. It is best to take mushrooms in the form of powder or extract. Such product can be produced in capsules. Other forms hardly occur.
  2. Only natural and high-quality mushrooms should be used, but in some countries it is simply impossible. Fortunately, you can order a product on the Internet, but it is important to protect yourself from fakes. So before you buy, make sure that the product has certificates of compliance with international quality standards. Ask the seller and the conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological examinations. In addition, the site should contain all contact details of manufacturers and suppliers, and real (contact us by phone to verify).
  3. During heat treatment, most substances disintegrate, that is, the useful properties become significantly less.So from mushrooms it is not recommended to prepare broths or tinctures, they will not be effective. It is better to use them either in pure form or in the form of oil or alcohol tinctures.
  4. In many sources, there is evidence that fungotherapy has no contraindications. But in fact, such treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, children, and nursing mothers. In addition, it is worth remembering the likely allergic reactions (especially to exotic mushrooms) and individual hypersensitivity to the components of the product.
  5. On the Internet you can find a lot of recipes based on wholesome mushrooms, and they have the right to exist and are actively used. But the ideal option will be to contact a doctor who specializes in fungotherapy. He should examine you, assess the condition, and then prescribe treatment taking into account the characteristics of your body and existing diseases. Dosages, methods and frequency of administration are selected individually.

If you decide to treat mushrooms, then let fungotherapy will do you good!

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